The Illusion of a Virus

Time is the great concealer or revealer of truth.

The passage of time will either further bury it, or gradually disclose it.

When big lies parade as truth, connecting from human node to human node until reaching a velocity of maximum dispersion, the truth is buried deeper by each new human node doing the work of the parade organizers of big lies.

There have been many big lies in our lifetimes, but none bigger than the plandemocide.

Deconstructing the big lie is never easy. It takes people with the courage to tell the truth, and of course, time.

The term ‘limited hangout’ gets bandied around in the alternative media with increasing frequency, and the more it does the more it is sloppily misapplied.

A limited hangout occurs when a cover story has been blown and certain aspects of the story are dripped to the public to cover for the cover story. The replacement is never the full story because that’s not limited.

A few weeks ago it was widely applied to Project Veritas’s scary and Pfantabulous “gain of function” reveal party, sponsored by the chosen faces of the medical-freedom-movement-that’s-not-really-a-movement with purple checkmarks on Substack, Conservative INC. Twitter, and Tucker Carlson.

These purple checkmarks are all, wittingly or not, colluders in a massive gaslighting operation. This wasn’t a limited hangout because it was a staged sideshow to get the masses to buy into three things:

gain of function is real and it’s happening and LOOK! how scary and dangerous it is! and Pfizer, not the pentagon is responsible
to validate the encore which was just released this week, that the DOE and Intel Pigs now confirm the source of the “Covid-19” computer sequenced “virus” was a lab leak, a product of that scary GOF that was confirmed by the saints at Project Veritas
to prepare minds for a future pandemic with a “more deadly virus” (H5N1), one that “will kill children” that Trump’s CDC director Robert Redfeld and Bill Gates have told us is coming but will be another massive hoax because there is no bird flu virus (despite their PCR bird cullings and efforts to scare people about recent events in Cambodia and Chile)

This week the encore curtains went up with all the enlightened minds of the alternative media pointing and directing their flock to follow them into that prepared meadow called the lab leak theory to ruminate on a false paradigm.

Both “theories” require that everyone buys into the big lie—the existence of a virus.

Suddenly they don’t care if people spread the Wuhan lab leak theory anymore because NOW it’s very useful in serving a new agenda. This isn’t a limited hangout but a new transition toward the next act in their global play.

to demonize China and worsen relations with a country that will soon help Russia with weapons in return for even cheaper oil and natural gas…
…and take Tawain and need to be the boogieman for a second cold war that destroys America’s supply chains (70% of EVs and 80% of Pharma) and drops a bomb of toxic treasury obligations

They’ve always wanted eyeballs and brains laser focused on only one sleight of hand but at different times because both serve the same purpose in validating the big lie.

Where did this “deadly virus” originate, a wet market or the Wuhan laboratory?

A deadly coronavirus went on a whirlwind tour infecting every door handle, toilet seat, airplane fuselage, office space, community center, retirement home, classroom, air particle, and tissue of human and animal lungs around the world.

I’ll take ‘Things That Never Happened’ for $2000 Alex.

July 2019. Intel Pig Roundtable of behavioral psychologists.

Pig 1We use the paper trail created by Baric, Fauci, and Daszek going straight to the new level 4 bio lab in Wuhan where the bat lady works on coronaviruses. Trump will work his side to look at the origins in China and hint at the lab leak theory. Daszek and Fauci will bury the theory in the Lancet and go with the animal origins. China will unleash the computer sequenced virus on the medical community. Then we wait until the time is right to open the curtains on the lab leak.

Head PigThe more we subvert the lab leak in the beginning, the more the other side will think it’s true. Good work. Where are we on the DNA collection database through the testing swabs? Are all labs connected? How about the swabs that infect subjects with graphene?

Is everything a conspiracy to conceal the truth?

It appears more complicated than that. To them, it’s a game.

As they outlined in Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, it’s all a great game, and only those who are worthy enough to make the rules are permitted to escape the weapons, and profit from the demise of others as they wage their war on humanity.

Alter perceptions and create false realities through smoke-filled narratives that confuse and obscure everything so that nobody ever really knows who to trust or what to believe.

Every century this old playbook traps new players who don’t know they’re inside a game.

Imagine sitting before a chessboard that can be rearranged anytime. It’s not just the pieces that get moved. It’s the rules that get changed, the pieces disfigured, and the squares all twist and blur into one another.

Is that a pawn or a King?

Kings are now pawns and the pawns are now Queens that are now the third knights.

Are those squares light or dark? What piece is this?

Sometime later than most I put all writings about the Covid-19 virus on hold because it became clear I was nowhere near the mountaintop and my journey necessitated a lot more deprogramming on both history and virology.

Each time I thought it was nearer and nearer I simply found myself at some rest area with a decent view that I confused for the top. The top is where everything becomes clear and comprehensible and the truth is no longer ignored because it’s too challenging to face.

While I wrote as recently as last summer that it doesn’t matter if the virus is real or not, and only the idea of a virus ever mattered in order to scare people toward the real bioweapon, I no longer believe that.

For months I haven’t had the courage to write these words because I needed sufficient alternative explanations for many things, which I’ll cover soon, but I’m going to finally purge myself of what appears to be the truth.

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