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One of the transcendent features of left-wing people, regardless of time and place, is their complete lack of self-awareness. The great blind spot for all left-wing people is the reflection in the mirror. They are incapable of seeing themselves other than as the hero in a great struggle. This story out of Canada about the correlation between Covid-loving and Putin-hating is a great example. The Left thinks it confirms their righteous hatred of their enemy, but it merely confirms their lack of self-awareness.

According to the story, “Unvaccinated Canadians are about 12 times more likely than those who received three doses to believe Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was justified, according to a new survey by national polling firm EKOS.” Now, polling is a dodgy business, so this could be a fake poll designed to titillate the far-left. The fact that such a scenario is possible, however, is more proof of the general thesis about the far-left’s lack of self-awareness.

There are two ideas advanced in the coverage of this poll. One is that the unvaccinated are immoral, so it stands to reason that they support the evil Hitler guy.  The Left all over the West has been fixated on the vaccine as a moral signifier. They rushed to be the first to prove their piety within the Covid cult and they rushed to condemn the vaccine skeptics as ignorant hooligans. The Left would have embraced face tattoos for the vaccinated if it was an option.

That was something else that turned up in places with vaccine mandates. There was some suggestion that the unvaccinated be forced to wear armbands, but there were two problems with that plan. One is the obvious link to some unfortunate events that occurred in the last century. The other is the Left instinctively feared the armband would become a moral signifier for their enemies. The unvaccinated would use it to show they are the star-bellied sneetches of this age.

The other idea advanced in the story is the claim that the people who did not want the vaccine are now pushing “Russian disinformation” about the war. The whole disinformation meme has two aspects for the hive-minded. One is the moral claim, but the other is ignorance. You see, those who are not repeating the latest talking points from the hive leaders are stupid and ignorant, which is why they succumb to the  disinformation campaigns from the current devils.

Again, the poll and the media coverage have that just-so-story feel that is popular with the far-left, so skepticism is the right position here. The polling companies are extremely cynical, as befits people who make a living serving sociopaths. They are perfectly willing and able to feed nonsense to the true believers, because that is how they make a lot of money. The customer is always right and their customers are the weird identity cult that has gripped the managerial class. Here is an example.

“I saw it almost immediately, within days of the invasion, people supporting it and some quite stridently,” said Timothy Caulfield, a Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta who has studied the rise and spread of conspiracy theories. “It was pro-Russia, pro-Putin, it was the same kind of dogmatic language you heard from the anti-vaxxers about the alleged harms associated with vaccines. And it was almost immediate and it was from the same crowd.”

This is a guy who rushed to get the Ukraine lapel pin and immediately started saying “Keev” instead of “Kiev” while not being able to locate Ukraine on a map. One day, normal people are seeing their favorite news presenters discussing the latest pop stars and the next day those news presenters are part of a chorus singing the praises of a place called Ukraine. What we have seen from the managerial class over Ukraine is the definition of dogmatic.

Of course, this is that lack of self-awareness we expect from the Left. People engage in left-wing politics for the same reason they join UFO cults. They hate themselves so they look to swap their hated sense of self for the identity of a group. The primary driver is self-loathing. In the case of the managerial class, the perceived status that is awarded to the believer is an important bonus. The true believer loses herself in the identity of the group and gets likes from higher status people.

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