The Highest Praise for My Work

Thanks to the old commie rag “Mother Jones” magazine (named after a former national chair of the Communist Party USA) for mentioning how I have been “panned” by both the communistic, corrupt race hustlers and poverty pimps at the Soviet Poverty Lie Center (SPLC) and the warmongering, government-centralizing, statist neocons at the Claremont Institute.  That is high praise, indeed!  (Both the SPLC and the Claremontistas claim that the pursuit of “equality” should be the primary goal of the U.S government.  The SPLC is inspired by Marxism to hold this view, whereas the Claremontistas worship at the Church of Lincoln, particularly his nonsensical and ahistorical rant about how the founding of America was based on “all men are created equal.”  All means all, say the Claremontistas, which they think justifies endless military intervention all around the world to force everyone else to be as “equal” as Americans.  They call themselves conservatives, yet they ignorantly insist that war is NOT the health of the state.  Mel Bradford called this Lincolnian gambit “the rhetoric of continuing revolution”).

The context of this is a smear job the old commie rag did recently on Blake Masters who is running for the U.S. senate in Arizona.  Apparently, some of Masters’ old politically conniving left-wing college classmates from Stanford sent the Lying Media Scum (LMS), including Mother Jones, some old emails that Masters passed around to his undergraduate classmates seventeen years ago alerting them to some publications by myself, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.  As every decent person knows, that should certainly disqualify anyone from holding public office in America, if not being a legitimate member of the human race in general.  The emails prove that Masters “hates democracy,” says the old commie rag.  Actually, that statement makes Masters sound a lot like James Madison who, in Federalist #10, described democracy as “the violence of faction” that would inevitably destroy civil government if not “bound by the chains of the Constitution,” as his neighbor Thomas Jefferson said.  The whole purpose of the Constitution, Madison said, was to constrain and limit democracy.  (It never worked out that way, by the way).  It goes without saying, therefore, that neither Madison nor Jefferson would be qualified to hold public office in America according to the “Mother Jones” criteria.

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