The Hard Evidence Is in: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Is a Killer

Barry Young, a statistician and database administrator with the New Zealand health ministry, released official information revealing the spike in deaths from the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.  The tyrannical New Zealand government, which was covering up the truth about the “vaccine,” promptly arrested him for releasing the data that show the marked rise in death rate with the Covid “vaccine,” which is essentially a death shot for many.  Big Pharma’s shills are busy at work trying to discredit the released data.

See this.

Barry Young, using the name Winston Smith, reported live how he was able to discover the hidden truth:

“I was involved with building a project, helped with implementing a vaccine payment system for our providers. It’s called a pay per dose system. So that means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a payment for it as a provider. And I helped build it, I implemented it. And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death,  people dying within a week of being vaccinated.”

“The chances of that occurring naturally by chance is almost impossible.”

“Well, as soon as the system went live, we noticed that people were dying almost straight away after being injected. So that sort of prompted my curiosity a bit, and so I dug a little deeper. And I am a scientist by nature. I love science. It’s my all time favorite. I’ve got a master’s degree in science.”

“Because it’s a payment system and I’m the database administrator for it. I’m the only one. Because New Zealand is a small country, you can get away with one database administrator to do this. So I’m in a unique position in the world. And because New Zealand is a tier one country with really good in I.T., I was able to manage and build the system and be the only database administrator needed to look after it. In other countries like America or Britain, you’d need a whole team of people. So it would be very difficult for one person to get access to all of this information. But in New Zealand, because of its size and because it’s got really good I.T, I happen to be the one.”

The New Zealand government’s response was to arrest a truth teller as a criminal. 

Steve Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, has brought to light adverse effects of the Covid “vaccine” on health, fertility, and excess deaths.  The official response has not been to refute him, but to call him names, such as conspiracy theorist, misinformation spreader, etc. He has offered various of the hired “experts” who shill for Big Pharma and the FDA one million dollars to debate him on the facts, but no one will accept.

It is clear enough that the various health ministries and pharmaceutical companies know that the vaccine is dangerous, but are covering up the fact by discrediting and arresting those honest people who release the factual data.

What does this tell us about public authorities?  It tells us that they cannot be trusted.  They have an agenda that does not correspond to the health and welfare of their citizens.  What is this agenda?

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