The Geniuses Who Believe Ownership of Private Property and Wealth Are Crimes

Let’s start here: As soon as a piece of land is no longer unexplored—as soon as someone sets foot on it—someone is going to own it.

It could be an individual, it could be a group, it could be a government.

It then becomes property.

Saying property is a crime is an attempt to contradict a fact of life.

Saying “the people” own the land/property, or “everybody” owns it, or “nobody” owns it is a fantasy. An unworkable fantasy.

Quite often, these claims are nothing more than power plays disguised as “greater good.” A group is trying to steal property from the owner.

And if they succeed, an interesting thing happens. They stop saying “everybody” owns what they just stole.

Communists have worked this con for a long time. The people own all property, but the people are represented by the Communist dictatorship. Except the dictatorship actually represents itself.

There are endless variations on this theme. For example, a billionaire who owns a mansion and an estate is promoting the idea that a humane government should control property and dispense it fairly—but not HIS mansion or HIS estate.

From private ownership of land comes private wealth. A farmer has acres of food crops. He employs workers. He sells his crop. This is not a magic act that comes into being with a snap of the fingers. The farmer builds for years.

Then a group of geniuses says this farmer is committing a crime through ownership and accumulation of wealth.

Translation: “We want what you have.”

Translation: “if we can somehow get what you have, we’ll own it and no one will take it away from us.”

Translation: “We’ll be just like the farmer. Except he built it and we stole it.”

The brain-addled among us confuse abuse of the private-property system with the need to abolish private property.

They believe abuse equals predestined systemic failure. And the solution, of course, is the transfer of all property to themselves, or “the government.”

Translation: “Take the property from the abusers and give it to us, and we’ll be the abusers.”

If you take a close look at large numbers of people who are actually victimized by the powers-that-be, you’ll see these people are being prevented from participating in PRIVATE OWNERSHIP and private wealth-building.

Which tells you what the solution is. The solution isn’t turning over all property to the government.

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