The FDR Equation Gave US Zionist Communist Control

Calling for a ceasefire in Palestine is pointless.   Netanyahu is operating on the highest Zion level to eradicate the population forever.   The UN is stumbling over itself against the allegations of Genocide initially brought by South Africa, with more loading on the dumpster that is what Israel has become.   The takeaway?   The UN is obsolete and worthless.  It’s demise would domino into other worthless money laundering schematics, including;  NATO, WHO, IMF, World Bank, every institution that self-proclaims they are the Global Order.

All the globalist institutions were created between 1944 – 1948.  The same people created ALL of these institutions with one purpose – Global Control.

The World Bank is run by 29 Vice Presidents and 25 Executive Directors and overseen by The World Bank Group which established the IMF.   It was created at the behest of Henry Morgenthau jr., a German Jew who never graduated from college but did find favor with Eleanor Roosevelt and thus was inducted into the FDR New Deal agenda.

The UN was formed in 1945 and created the World Health Organization.  The UN was established to end ALL future wars.   It’s predecessor, The League of Nations, proved worthless so FDR proposed a new and improved League – the United Nations.  The UN Charter was drafted by FDR, Churchill and Stalin…  The Charter was signed by the US, UK, Soviet Russia (Bolsheviks) and China.  Their mission was to ‘fight the Axis Powers of Japan, Germany and Italy’.

The alliance was communism.

During the fifties, communism began to run out of favor as it was exposed by McCarthy.   Instead of disappearing, communism simply moved underground.  The sixties Revolution was created to renew communism favor with young people pushing communes, drugs, open sex, etc…   But favor still did not spill over into government.

So the CIA was commandeered to operate as the communist underbelly.   Coups became commonplace, assassinations were ripe, and the infiltration of the media was an easy game of mass hypnosis – “America is the Greatest Nation.   The American government is the only government worthy of monitoring the corrupt nation’s ‘elections’.”

Reagan was easy to manipulate by this ‘goodness factor’.   Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama were all aboard the communist train and China was our best friend.   Then the Big Four began to splinter.   Reagan freed Russia of its communist oppressors.  China was still far behind the US making it a quasi ‘follower’ of US hegemony.   Therefore, the Zionists palled with China while demonizing Russia.

Secularism was the new majority.  And the Big Four believed they had captured the globe and could implement their reign of terror so as to create fear which translated into oppression.   But Putin’s Russia was clear that a coup would not be tolerated and their nationalism would thrive, survive, and grow stronger.   The Powers attempted to overthrow Xi Jinping – and lost.

And the Big Four became Two – the US and UK. 

During the era of 2,000’s the Middle East needed to be quashed given their oil profits were creating a new bloc that was not wholly aligned with the Big Two.   Enter the Big Lie – 9-11.   Created by the Big Two plus small one – Israel.   The purpose?  To squash the Middle East through wars sanctioned by the UN in their failed quest for global peace that never existed.

Now with Netanyahu’s unrelenting bombing of Palestine, the UN whines, but does nothing in terms of consequences.   Because the UN is the war monger.   And the World Bank profits on the war industry.

So.  Here we are.   The Middle East is slowly beginning to realize that they could easily be the next China or Russia.   South America is realizing that their economies were purposefully destroyed in order to make them noncompetitive in the Global Game of Four and now Two.   And the US now has more enemies – than allies.   While the Zionists proclaim they are winning.

In 2020, the WEF in Davos hosted over 117 governments.  In 2024, just 60 ‘governments & dignitaries’ showed.  Nearly half.   This is not a winning stage.   Yet – these elite don’t have a solution other than – censorship.

They are losing – and the question is – where will they go to regroup?  Zionists are unwelcome just about everywhere.  Not out of ‘anti-Semitism’, but out of their destructive, Godless, Greed and Power vacuum that believes they are The Chosen Ones.  By a God they don’t believe in.

This is why Ukraine is so important.   It is why the CIA has ordered Zelenskyy to continue killing as many Ukrainians as possible while vacating his entire government – so that the Zionist Controlled CIA can take over the country.   Zelenskyy will be eliminated.  Not by Russia – but by the CIA which will blame Russia.  His usefulness has been relinquished.   Blinken knows this.   And the country will become the playground for the Zionists to rebuild in the likeness of Dubai – the city they covet.  Ruled as a monarchial statehood.  Stakeholders will pay for the privilege to be included.   The money will be confiscated from frozen Russian assets, soon to be frozen Chinese assets, and the Climate Fund held by The World Bank.

The World Bank as controlled by the Zionists.   Kerry knows this.   This is why he stepped down as Climate Tzar.  Money.

What will become of Europe in this Zion transformation?

The biggest resource of the EU is manufacturing, ie, people.  But they killed the viable people off with the vax, so now The People will be the uneducated, immigrants pouring across the borders.   Training is slow given it requires language assimilation first.   The rate of success in this program is below 10%.   And more death vaxes are coming.   Their economies have been destroyed by Zionist agendas.   IF they recover it will take time – perhaps 70 years or more.

What will become of Israel?   The Boogeyman in the closet…

Israel’s Palestine agenda was to build a canal and cities along the canal – a continuation of Ben Gurion Canal – while putting the Suez out of business.   But in so doing, the Zionist Israel has now made enemies of every Middle Eastern country.   The cost to build the canal was being shared by the US in the form of war aid.   The beneficiaries are Europe and Asia.   But Asia has been cancelled.  The Middle East now despises Israel, and Europe is on the decline meaning trade will dramatically dissipate leaving Netanyahu and the US holding an empty purse.

IF – the US reverses its Zionist Control and trajectory, a trade alliance with the BRICS is the only means for recovery.

While a Haley election would most certainly lead America into the twalette – a Trump vote can put us on the path to recovery.  A Journey that will be long and arduous given the extent to which the Zionist agendas have raped the wealth from The People.   A journey, nonetheless, worth the making.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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