The Fake Alien Invasion of 2024

In the 1950s there was a science fiction classic movie called The Day the Earth Stood StillIn the movie, an extraterrestrial being landed his space ship in Washington DC in an effort to warn earth that if it did not change its evil ways, it would be destroyed. In this case, it was a history of violence and the spread of atomic weapons into space, thereby posing a threat to the largely peaceful intergalactic community. The extraterrestrial shut down all mechanical devices for a period of 24 hours to demonstrate the true nature of the threat. The equivalent to a temporary EMP attack across the globe. In the recent remake with Keanu Reeves, humans were to be destroyed to save the planet from their evil ways, particularly, climate change.

The theme in each movie was a fantasy that an outside force would step in to stop humanity from destroying itself. In the original movie it was global radiation after an atomic war, in the remake, it was from the weather. Hint, there may be a high degree of sarcasm directed toward the alleged threat to humanity in the remake. In either case it was a political argument under the guise of space fantasy. The difference between the two movies, of course, is that nuclear annihilation is a legitimate threat, whereas, climate change is a natural phenomenon.

I first heard about the fake alien invasion of 2024 three or four years ago. At the time I was extremely skeptical. Since then, I have shifted from extremely skeptical, to, well, they may try it if they can get away with it. This latter view is being reinforced by the focus on alleged UFOs on government controlled media programs. The releasing of military videos of alleged UFOs for the past couple years on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, appears to be priming the pump a little. Less subtle was Tucker’s recent program on cattle mutilations where Tucker told Laura Ingram that the most obvious cause is extraterrestrial. It is possible that Tucker is sincere with his views, however, I’d still question why he is being fed this information?

It seems a bit strange that the military is mainly releasing these images mostly to one network. Doctor Carrie Madej, whistle blower on transhumanism and the deadly Covid gene therapy experiment, has asserted that this is to undermine the faith of a largely Christian audience. It also would be even stranger that during the same period that the government lied about everything imaginable, that it has a crisis of conscience and decided to disclose the truth about UFOs. Think about it, censorship of all medical information that protects you from dangerous gene therapy shots, and restricting the use of life saving repurposed generic medications that are safe and effective at treating Covid, but full disclosure on the extraterrestrial threat?

Apparently, even UFO researchers are alleging that there is a conspiracy to fake an alien invasion. Some have called this conspiracy project blue beam. What would be the purpose to faking an alien invasion?

The purpose of faking an alien invasion, just like the movie, would be to further a political agenda. The obvious agenda is a global technocratic totalitarian government under the guise of saving the planet from a highly advanced civilization scheduling us for termination. Theoretically it could be based on preventing a nuclear war or even after the discharge of a nuclear weapon as the conflict with Russia continues to be escalated. Or it could be simply to save the planet from climate change as it was in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Remember, we are dealing with a dangerous secular end times cult that thinks the planet can’t sustain the population.

How would the fake alien invasion be pulled off?

Imagine holograms projected into the sky with ships the size of cities. Followed by reports of communications and directives for humans to follow to avoid destruction. Do you hold it past heads of state to participate in such a scam? Would people fall for it?

Since most elected politicians and heads of state have participated in gross crimes against humanity and have participated in lockdowns, a deadly gene therapy experiment, and have censored free speech and rights of assembly, it would be a long shot to bet on the integrity of politicians at all levels of government. As to whether humanity would fall for the scam, do you recall the people wearing masks and following the little lines on the floor in the stores? Standing six feet apart? Haven’t we been told that five billion people took the Covid gene therapy shots?

Hmmm….they might take the bait.

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