The Current Accepted Racism Is Evil as All Racism Is Evil: White People Matter as Much as Anyone Else!

I generally begin my articles with an appropriate quote, but attempting to find a quote concerning extreme racism against white people, especially white males, is almost impossible. In fact, site after site, ‘fact-checker’ after ‘fact-checker,’ fake black ‘leader’ after fake black ‘leader,’ ethnicity after ethnicity, and one stupid white leftist after another, claim there is no such thing as racism against any white person living today. This is convenient for hateful, ignorant, and agitating whores of hypocrisy of all stripes, as perpetrating and perpetuating harmful agendas does not require it seems, any fact or evidence, and certainly belies all logic and reason when it comes to hate simply over the color of one’s skin. In light of this, I will use my own quote.

“Racism is, from any position of honesty, logic, and reason,  just as was clearly stated by Muhammad Ali; hating anyone due to the color of their skin, period. It matters not if that racism comes from white against black or black against white. Given the unbelievable stupidity of people today, now white people can be racist against white people. How in the hell can that be, without the obvious contradiction not being seen for what it is? Any who abuse or hate others due to the color of skin, are racists, and at this time in this country, we have racism against some people only because they are white. “

Gary D. Barnett–February 10, 2023, “I Am Sick and Tired of Racist White Bashing”

Yes, I am a white heterosexual male, and I do not give a damn who likes it or not! In case many of you have lost all your brain cells, not one human on this earth has any control whatsoever over what color, ethnicity, culture, or country in which he is born. It is completely out of his control, and therefore, each should be proud of, or at least aware of his background, regardless of what that background entails. Each has to make his own way in life, successful or not, and cannot change his color or biology, no matter what effort is taken. This also includes biological gender, as that also cannot be altered in such a manner as to defy natural biology, no matter what efforts are pursued. So let the hate mail from ignoramuses commence, as this will expose the idiocy that consumes most of the proletariat today.

Humanity is made up of people from every corner of this earth; white, black, brown, yellow, red, and whatever other shades of melatonin might happen to be present. The bottom line is that we all are human, we all breathe and bleed the same, we all have our wants and needs, most wish to experience love and family, and we all have to live together. We are much more the same than different, except due to the hate-stoked animosity and evil intent promoted by the ruling class in order to divide, cause dissention, and to create conflict, by weaponizing illegitimate hate so as to control the masses. Extreme and hostile malevolence has no place in the minds of men, but this evil is brought about and accepted by the herd, and it should be eliminated just like the cancer that it is. This is only possible if all look upon others as individuals, and assess worth only due to character, behavior, color-blindness, and non-aggression. This is as simple as following the “Golden Rule,” which dates back for thousands of years, and was taught to me throughout my childhood by my loving parents. Not so today it seems.

The most prolific racism in this country today is becoming black against white, but in reality, it is every ethnicity, every culture, and every idiotic ‘identifying gender’ with multi-labeled  acronyms, (2SLGBTQI+) plus, plus, of course, as new designations surface regularly, against white people. (The explanation of this bullshite is astonishing) It is about every color, media outlet, government, many so-called ‘entertainers,’ leftist politicians, and a multitude of white hypocrites; all committing racism against white people, especially white males, as discussed earlier. This form of racism today is illegitimately viewed completely in reverse. But fear not, with this level of racism against white people, they (everyone else) may yet get the hate they tend to crave so much. Why would that ever be desired?

In this current environment, ‘reverse’ racism has come out on top, and is now actually in vogue, which is atrocious, as all real racism certainly is immoral. The race card has been played over and over again for decades, even after most of those long-held beliefs of past centuries have gone the way of the dinosaurs. There will always be some people who dislike others for the wrong reasons, there will always be racists and bigots, there will always be bad people, there will always be those who achieve more and are richer than others, and there will never be complete ‘equality’ unless all are equally enslaved. This is the way of the world, but that does not have to be a bad thing. No one can be equal based on outcome, as that means the destruction of freedom, and therefore, the destruction of mankind.

The only true slavery that exists in this country today is the slavery of the masses by the State. There are no black slaves, white slaves, brown slaves, or any other in any real sense of the term, as actual slavery ended in this country well over 150 years ago, which means that no one living is or has ever been a slave. The past is gone, and while it should be remembered and studied in order to learn from those mistakes, it should not be used to punish the innocent for crimes committed by people now dead. That kind of blame is flawed and deadly, and is only a heinous political tool, never used for good or meant to cure ills, but only to enhance one group at the expense of another, or to purposely cause division where none should thrive; which of course is very wrong. Committing multiple wrongs does not make a right as the old saying goes, but it does keep evil alive.

As an aside, for all white people who claim that white people should die due to the color of their skin, if you have not yet committed suicide, you have perpetrated hypocrisy at the highest level possible, and are not worth the effort to acknowledge. You know who you are, and everyone else does as well.

Let us end this conversation with a hope that many more might in the future attempt to get along together, to only see each individual for his real worth and not his color, eliminate the State’s planned division that has been foisted on us, and voluntarily accepted by most, and understand the wickedness of the plot to breed hate in order to control.

Make love not war was the protest mantra of the 60s, and was loved by the young and anti-war crowd, and shunned by the promoters of war and conflict. It is just as appropriate today concerning the mass divide that exists among the people at large, and would it not be so much better if more understood that we are still at war; only this time, it is the State that is warring against all of us, and so long as we continue to hate each other, the State will win, and all of us will lose everything.

“None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath.”

Marian Anderson

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