The Crisis of Humanity Lies at the Feet of Mass Indifference

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

~ Haile Selassie

Why should you care? Why should you bother? If the misery of others does not seem to affect you, or in some way even enhances your lot in life, so be it, as what could you do about it anyway? If you hide from evil, if you say nothing, will that evil disappear? If you support or applaud the evil of others, as happens especially in war, are you not evil yourself? If you allow atrocities to occur without speaking out or lifting a finger to stop them, are you absolved of blame and responsibility? If great pain and suffering of innocents is allowed by your turning away, do you cry out in the night in agony, or do you sleep deeply in a state of hidden and ignorant bliss?

The crisis of humanity, the gruesome plight of mankind; has been allowed to endure and greatly expand due to the deafening silence of the non-caring collective herd who are consumed by their pathetic embrace of cowardly apathy. Most seem to clutch to the notion of victimhood in one form or another, in order to justify their existence, and to use as an excuse to ignore the anguish and sorrow of others. This is of course, only a pathological escape from reality, and a way of getting by without having to take responsibility for their lack of actions, or facing the consequences of looking at their own pitiful reflection in the mirror.

I am haunted by this universal lack of feeling and understanding for our fellow man, and the mass voluntary acceptance of the extreme tyranny and hatred that permits acts of psychological torture, violence, perversion, and murder, to exist, with little resistance. How can this be in any ‘civilization’ that claims to have a soul or conscience, or empathy for all the real victims of State aggression, most all sanctioned by the bulk of heinous ‘nationalistic’ societies? Billions have been harmed, and many hundreds of millions have died from the brutal acts of wicked tyrants; tyrants of states and governments, who ruled over the many, and generally, with complete support of their populations.

Empires have been built, wars of aggression have been waged, horrendous acts of brutality have been common, and economic ruin, maiming, torture, and the murder of innocents have been sanctioned in the name of conquest, and the false propagandized notion of advancing freedom, which of course is the most ludicrous lie of all. That lie has been the mainstay of this nation-state called America; a country that has warred continuously and with nearly total aggression against innocents, for 93% of its entire existence. All of this aggression, occupation, global control efforts, and slaughter and murder of many tens of millions, has been accepted as legitimate by this population in most every case, and with few exceptions. Much of this acceptance has been excused due to blame placed on non-existent monsters from afar, as sold to the ‘public’ by the State politicians and propagandists, but these excuses are hollow and do not ring true.

The past tells the story of a barbaric humanity relying on brutality, murder, slavery, conquest, and a drive for power unimpeded by any sense of right, compassion, or respect for life. Consider the major powers of yesterday and in this modern age, those of Rome, China, Russia, France, Spain, Nazi Germany, the British Empire, the ‘United’ States Empire, and now of course, the blending of Western countries into a powerful NATO warring alliance. These are only a handful of the hundreds of empires that have existed and reigned on this earth, fomenting death and destruction all along the way. Now, the drive for international dominance has caused a melding of ‘civilizations’ vying for a seat at the table of a one world global ruling class, all while the billions of people of the world sit back and watch without building any legitimate resistance to this onslaught against humanity.

These past few decades, and especially these past few years, have seen abhorrent totalitarian rule globally, where nearly every country has waged war against its own people, in what can only be described as an effort to advance a universal domestic warfare campaign that is based on depopulation through democide. This is the world you have allowed to become all powerful, and the world that will finish its drive for global power and control, unless many more decide to say no, and stop it.

Consider just the past few years, and what has been allowed to stand? A fake ‘covid’ lie was manufactured, and a politically declared bogus national emergency that turned lose the scum of government to act as totalitarian monsters, was used to lock down society. Travel was heavily restricted, businesses were closed down nationwide due to draconian orders issued by State ‘powers.’ Masks were mandated in most areas of the country and world, and constant fraudulent testing, testing that was a complete sham, was used to not only frighten this weak population, but to set the stage for the very toxic and deadly bioweapon injection falsely labeled a ‘covid’ vaccine. Riots, looting, mass property destruction, and violence, were fully staged and purposely sanctioned by government; turning lose criminal gangs calling themselves “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa.” Innocents were jailed for speaking out against this government coup, and its felonious medical establishment, and many citizens were murdered by doctors and  hospital staffs nationwide. New York became the medical murder capital of the U.S. Bankruptcies became a daily occurrence, the economy was wrecked, and money printing to enrich the already wealthiest sector of society was rampant. All inclusive racism and immoral behavior was intentionally stoked by State whores, and made to seem ‘normal.’

The mainstream media was an integral tool in selling this lie, and inundated all of society through every outlet possible, including every bread and circus exploitation left admissible by the State. Destruction of food distribution efforts were common, and supply chain disruption was universal. Surveillance by government, heavy censorship, and pathetic ‘see something, say something’ idiocy by ‘friends,’ neighbors, and even family members, became ‘normal’ behavior by a near fully compliant, miserable, and cowardly populace.

Since the partial ending of this scam, any number of atrocities have been committed, including the slaughter of animals across this country, and the destruction of farms and ranches; those vital in the effort to feed the people. This allowed the mass creation of fake foods and meat, poisoning those who are dependent on the State-controlled food chain, which is a very large swath of America. Poisoning of the air and water has been common, with false flag or controlled events spilling dangerous toxins across the country. Due to lies and heavy pressure, millions in this country, and billions across the world, have succumbed to the bioweapon injections, causing health destruction at levels never seen in the past.

In the midst of all this terror, murder, starvation efforts, economic devastation, inflation, and continuous democide and depopulation attempts, there is great risk of world war due mainly to the Western powers murderous sanctions and continuous stoking of conflict, while all major countries are looking to gain a top seat in the ‘new world order’ being pursued. With this insanity, comes the real threat of nuclear annihilation, if just one nuclear power decides to pull the trigger..

Throughout all of this madness, most have continued to remain silent in the face of the murder and slaughter of innocents by State players and their enforcement henchmen. Police-state brutality, starvation efforts, lockdowns, mass and hyper-inflation, and maiming and death due to deadly so-called ‘vaccines,’ continues in earnest. The poisoning of this earth based on the lie of ‘manmade climate change,’ is going forward full steam, which seems to be another form of a depopulation exercise.

Everyone does not have to wake up at once, but large numbers have to abandon their apathetic ways, their non-caring hiding from truth, and their mass indifference toward the rest of society and the world. Many have to come out of the shadows, they cannot remain silent in the face of tyranny, and they have to stand up to this dire threat that will never go away on its own. Continuing to ignore the plight of mankind and the crisis of humanity, can only lead to hell on earth, and mass enslavement of all but the powerful ‘elites,’ their owned and controlled governments, and their enforcement thugs. Stop this pain and suffering, stop the tyranny, stop the State!

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

~ Albert Einstein

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