The Cowardly Response To Seeing Someone Successfully Defy Mask Mandates

A man previously entered a hospital unmasked. I encouraged him to do the same again, to not ask permission, but to simply go and do it and to not be timid about it.


About that approach, a reader writes: 


I was surprised at your response which will only invite Confrontation; just do what about 50% of those in my state did during the ridiculous mask mandates; wear the mask through the door and lower slightly below the nose to allow comfortable breathing although some just pulled it down completely until check out time.  But one should not do this if coughing or sneezing or one will draw the ire of some scared/concerned sheeple.



Listen to me. Confrontation with evil is a gift. It is an honor. It increases your worth to yourself and others. It challenges you. It builds you. It helps shape you into someone who can take on more and bigger battles. 


To do what you suggest, is to acquiesce to a lie. I do not think I have once since the release of the April 3, 2020 mask guidance advised someone to acquiesce to a lie. 


Masks are unsafe and ineffective. Full stop. So why would you possibly ever wear one? Why would you tell that lie? Because it is easier to just lie? What moral or ethical standard do you subscribe to that calls on you to behave that way? 


Do you want the masks to last forever? If you do not lead in this matter, who do you expect to lead? Fauci? Biden? Bill Gates? 


What world do you live in, in which you can pretend that these people are magnanimous and that those who seize power will one day politely just return you that power? 


The Benefit Of Your Disobedience Never Overcomes The Harm Done By Your Cooperation 


They want you to put on a mask and instead of telling them to pound sand, you tell them, “Okay, I will put on a mask, but it will be disobedient about it, I will let my nose stick out!” Well, you have just done ninety percent of what is asked of you. 


At that rate, incrementally, you will always lose to your enemy more dedicated to his values. Incrementally, you will “disobediently” do everything the enemy wants you to do, in the name of avoiding conflict. You will rest assured that you have given him only 90% of what he asks for. At what point will you draw a line and say, “No matter what conflict is required of me, I will not do what you say?” 


The Distant Boundary Is No Boundary At All  


I find that people who draw that line in the distant future, often have a constantly shifting line. The greatest tyranny that has ever existed in peace time America has been visited upon us over the past two years and you still seem unwilling to draw a line. 


Some Patriots, Some Christians, Some Libertarians, & Some Conservatives Who Talk A Good Game Are Actually Worse Than Fauci 


Sir, I find the 50% of those in your state who you describe to be among the most vile of Americans. They know the truth but timidly tell a lie through their actions. They know the truth, but refuse to stand up. At least I know where Fauci stands and I know he is an enemy to human freedom. Fauci has done me that favor of being relatively honest. 


The disobediently masked however are the same people who talk tough at Tea Party meetings while being a pussy cat at the grocery store door. They wax poetic about their love of freedom in low conflict situations, while being unable to tell the doctor they have known in the most private and embarrassing ways for 30 years that this is a lie. They profess allegiance to the cause of liberty, and profess allegiance for their faith, but they will not call out their religious leader vocally in person, for closing down the church. 


What you describe, Sir, is cowardice. While Anthony Fauci, in contrast, has chutzpah. I hardly can believe the cowardice I see in my midst in America. We call ourselves land of the free and home of the brave, but among my ideological brethren, I have seen so much cowardice. I envy the communists, globalists, eugenicists and the proponents of numerous other awful ideologies. I envy them because they so often have the example of such courage in their midst. But it is an illusory courage, a courage that comes from numbers. The actual courage we need is one that the individual possesses, courage that so fills him that even when he alone is taking a stand. 


The One Person’s Behavior Who Has Harmed You The Most In 2020 And Beyond 


Sir, please examine your behavior and recognize that it is the behavior that has, more than anyone else’s behavior, allowed the mandates to impact your life, your home, and your family. 


Don’t blame others for doing this to you. Don’t wait for others to undo this to you.

The Free Man Exists In Our Era 


The free man exists in our era. He is the one who determines in his own life to stop allowing himself to be subject to tyranny. It is not May 2020. It is 2 1/2 years later. Sir, it is time to take some responsibility for the lies you tell the world. That face mask you wear is a lie and you send the most awful messages about yourself to the world around you when you wear it. 


The Seen & The Unseen — Thank You To The Rest Of You 


As for the rest of you, it means so much when you do not wear the face mask, and I really mean not wearing it, which means saying “No!” to it each and every time. 


You are likely to only recognize the pushback you get from that. That is the seen consequence. The unseen consequence is what happens when others see you and it silently influences their courage, when children ask their parents about that strange person with no mask, when spouses talk about it over dinner. You are a walking social contagion. 


Your courage is infectious, far more infections than any disease. But so is cowardice contagious. 


Each and every time you do not wear the mask, the impact ripples around you. The most difficult situations to stand for your values and not wear the mask are the most important. Thank you to the warriors who truly never wear a mask. 


These times are changing for the better because of you. 


And because you can stand firm on the little matters, you are certain to be able to stand firm on your values in the much bigger matters. 


Thank you for that, dear lion. 


If you do not know how to live life unmasked, “Face Masks In One Lesson” is written for you to do that. (


If you do not know why, “Face Masks Hurt Kids” is written for you to know that and to easily explain it to others. (


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