The Cost of Being Numb

I’m going to make a blanket statement:

We’re all emotionally numb to a degree we’ve never been before from multiple years of constantly increasing craziness that’s been an I.N.S.A.N.E assault on our basic sensibilities – from multiple directions.

In my last paper on LRC – Defending Yourself Against Wealth and Health Destruction – I focused on Wealth and Health as two of the pivotal areas where we’re most impacted. I’ve a few more comments on these two intertwined topics.

The destruction of our culture is in high gear and the recent PCR pandemic health fraud – in particular I believe – has desensitized us so much that just not living in constant fear of lockdowns (for the moment at least) has left us feeling a modicum of “societal relief.”

But in fact we’re all scarred in various ways.

For some, like me, it’s made us angry and/or more committed to finding out what’s actually up with the world; for real.

For most folks though I believe there’s a collective numbness that’s a palpable malaise shared by most everyone.

This has especially hit, by my observation, the general public who really doesn’t analyze stuff but just tries to make it through every day the best they can.

This was always a setup.

Most folks MUST focus on reality as it is. They must, for example, make a buck and plan according to what part of the road ahead they can see.

Then there’s those who can – and do – control the narrative that us poor blokes are allowed to see.

Do you see the setup?

So let’s go back to discussing financial tyrannical control and health tyrannical control.

Why these two? Because they hit at the heart of what impacts and controls most people – the need for financial security and real health care. In retrospect it’s obvious. But here’s the thing, many people are waking up…and becoming less numb.

Financial & Economic Awakening

Back in 2000 I found sophisticated Wall Street money managers who didn’t believe me when I explained to them Fractional Reserve Banking. They would say, “Nah, no one would allow that!”

I remember how hard it was to hold down my lunch!

But then, a few years later, this knowledge started getting out more widely. I remember that Ron Paul was surprised while campaigning at the University of Michigan when the students started chanting “END THE FED. END THE FED.” Dr Paul did SOOO much to help educate so many people and especially young people whose lives have been forever positively impacted. He did so much to wake people up it’s impossible to overstate his impact.

But so much more still needs to be done and so many more people need to be introduced to this critical knowledge about how the economic and financiaworld works – for real.

For Financial Awakening all they need to do is take a first step to start. And for this I always recommend Murray Rothbard’s classic – What Has Government Done To Our Money?

Or read The Road To Serfdom by Hayek. My dear departed friend Dr Yuri Maltsev told me, while he was still a student in Soviet Russia decades ago, he read a mimeographed copy of it in the dead of night at the risk of Siberian exile. It changed his life and he heroically escaped from that tyranny. As a result his timeless scholarship has inspired many to avoid that very road to serfdom.

Health Awakening is the Newest Battleground.

The last 3 years showed that the greatest leverage against freedom is to tap into the common fear of death and disease.

But there’s very good news on this front.

There’s a powerful, growing movement afoot that’s able to help everyone understand that we, in fact, do not catch diseases but in reality build them in stages.

This also means we can build wellness and robust health in stages as well.

This Health Reality Movement is new to many but if you’ll accept my invitation you can start learning more about it here and here.

If you understand how Health Reality works you won’t be seduced or tricked by the health panic narrative any longer.

The Intertwined Reality of Wealth & Health Freedom

There’s many things we need to live a great life but there’s two I’m focusing on now – wealth and health – because they’re intermixed and we need to defend ourselves on these two fronts more than ever right now.

The beauty of studying Austrian economics is that we can learn the reality of how the world of property, scarcity, and relationship works.

Once we learn this economic reality we are better prepared to apply the vital message of the first book of the Talmud, which a wise Rabbi summed up for me as, “Don’t Be a Fool.”

In other words, we must learn how to practically and effectively provide for ourselves and deal with the world. That’s a must for everyone. Praxeology and Austrian Economics are gifts we’ve been given that help us build that.

And because they help us develop superior analytic and logical reasoning skills, we’re better equipped to deal with our Home Ground – our own bodies and our own health.

Here we employ the tools of clear and critical thinking best stated in the Missouri mindset of, ‘Show Me the Evidence.”

There’s a terrible cost of being numb that’s hurting so many people. But anyone willing to learn how to think more critically and evaluate the evidence more closely does not need to suffer that cost.

This knowledge removes numbness like a lightning bolt shatters the darkness.

Once we start on that knowledge path we’re moving into a simpler, better life experience.

Granted it’s some work because for most of us it’s learning different paradigms from what we were taught and what is still being taught.

But it’s a path worth taking and two great starting points are here and here – and they don’t cost a thing.

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