The Coming Bust of Replacing Antibiotics With mNRA Injections


….but will it be declared a success and go unnoticed?   

The desperate panic to replace soon obsolete antibiotics with MNRA genetic modification injections will end up like the utter failure of the war on cancer targeting the p53 cancer gene. The new business model of computer-generated genetic injections requiring no costly pre-approval or human trials targeting the common cold and flu is also bound to fail because it does not deal with removing toxic buildup in the human body, which no one has been able to build a monopoly business model around. Likewise, paralyzing agents like Ivermectin and snake venom injections are also bound to fail for the same reasons.  But will anyone notice the continuing failure as people still believe that polio was cured by Salk’s sugar cube and injections despite that polio was eradicated ten years earlier by banning DDT and municipal water sanitation? According to the Christian book of Revelations, the ancient civilization of Babylon brought about an Apocalypse due to building a corrupt political economy around sorcery and Pharmakeia.

Medical literature warns that the so-called miracle of modern medicine will soon cease to exist when overused antibiotics become widely rejected by human bodies to protect their internal stores of life-saving bacteria, scapegoated by medicine as pathogens. The fear is of unstoppable infections from relatively simple dental procedures like root canals and appendectomies will throw medicine back 100 plus years with rising patient deaths, amputations and miserable existences from chronic infection.

Globalist drug company revenues were dropping by nearly half before the bugaboo COVID-19. What will happen when the financing for Medicare comes to an end around 2030?  This raises the question: are streamlined approvals for MRNA injections merely a desperate attempt for revenue recovery?  A prominent research laboratory has as much as come out and stated the drug industry is trying to replace antibiotics with gene modifying inoculations, but it is mostly marketing hype based on a biased single mouse study.

However, 2021 study indicates it is antibiotic overuse that continues to wreak havoc during the bugaboo COVID-19 pandemic. 79 percent of patients hospitalized with COVID-19/pneumonia did not have a bacterial infection which would warrant the treatment with antibiotics administered to them. This study indicates that antibiotics continue to be dangerously over-prescribed for COVID-19 patients, despite the deadly specter of “bacterial resistance” (aka sepsis). Put differently, modern medicine continues to wildly profiteer at the expense of patients under the rubric of an emergency pandemic. If there is an emergency, it is an oligarch financial emergency of the planned phase out of Medicare and the welfare-capitalism drug business model of medicine, both propped up by a fading musical chairs Ponzi economy.

The over demonizing of bacteria is even worse than reported because bacteria, such as strep, staph, and TB, are also present in the bodies of healthy persons.  In fact, humans are 57 percent bacteria/fungi and 43 percent human cells. Modern medicine has it backwards because its old business model based on antibiotics is not working (Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, 1976). Bacteria, not deadly germs, show up at the site of an infection of already dead proteins and cells as the scavengers. Antibiotics, not necessarily bacteria, are deadly because the body aggressively expels them by bouts of dehydrating diarrhea as a threat to its internal stores of essential bacteria.

Part of the reported cause of antibiotic overuse is because physicians cannot tell which patients have a so-called bacterial infection requiring antibiotic treatment and those with SARS-CoV-2 infection requiring so-called anti-viral treatment. Put differently, there is no discernible difference between those with a bacterial infection and the bugaboo COVID-19, plausibly because there is no virus germ.  But there are sick people and real deaths from toxic buildup that has morphed into a “killer flu.” This is because people take toxic over-the counter medicines and prescription drugs and eat naturally poisonous “organic foods”, that just postpones a toxic cleansing event until it is triggered from a greater toxic load by weather or stress.

The Sociology of How the COVID Deep State is Monetized with Jab Dollars

If the U.S. industrial economy bases value on the going price of the Petro Dollar, then the Knowledge Class (Deep State) cabal that now runs the U.S. government as a secret society measures everything in Jab dollars (about $20/jab).  This de facto currency is re-distributed by the Fauci NIAID, FDA, DOD, and Big Pharma corporations to Bioweapons Labs, research universities, non-profits, etc., that money launder it back to political parties, elected representatives, governors, presidents of other nations, etc. as bribes and contributions to tilt elections, to fight unauthorized wars, reduce population, etc. Additionally, high tech corporations gave $83 billion to BLM to foment riots.  This is the deepness of the “Deep State” underground political extraction economy of COVID-19 that works outside representative government. It uses unending emergency authorizations typically to pull off dirty work Americans would not do to each other, but done by an amoral cultural carrier class of those with dual citizenship and no patriotic virtue or loyalty (Michael Franzese, Mafia Democracy, 2022).

The entire medical-pharmaceutical-military-intelligence cabal is betting on convincing the public by marketing of the safety and effectiveness of MNRA injections to replace antibiotics, whether they work or not.  But marketing is not medicine.  Nevertheless, no one may catch on that injections don’t and won’t work because the injections are already being marketed as successful. The discrepancy between marketing hype and uncalculated long-term medical debility is met by cognitive dissonance (disbelief that injections don’t work). Injections took the credit for curing polio even though its incidence rate dropped to near zero from banning DDT and water sanitation 10 years before Salk came out with his sugar cube and injection. (Claus Kohnlein, MD, Virus Mania, 2021). But most people still believe the story that polio was cured by injections. What the deep state needs to “lockdown” is an injection mandate on everyone to assure their continued gouging revenue streams, forget that the injections don’t work and have never worked.  The COVID-19 Pandemic is an elitist financial crisis of perceived shrinking capital for parasitic high-tech businesses and nemesis medicine.

But then, what causes deadly respiratory diseases if it isn’t a bugaboo germ?   Respiratory disease starts as a systemic toxic infection in the liver, not by an airborne bug in the lung, which will be discussed in Part 2 of this article.

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