The Booster Fanatics Aren’t Giving Up

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Two and a half years later, most people are truly over the nonsense.

There are far too many Americans still pointlessly wearing masks, but some of that has to be a way of telegraphing to the world that they’re anti-Trumpers. Mask usage has not correlated in any way to improved health outcomes, as many hundreds of charts can amply demonstrate. A continued devotion to them on the part of the general public has to be either politically motivated or the result of an extreme lack of curiosity.

As I mentioned last week from Scotland, we saw next to no masks there — far fewer than in the United States. A friend who lives there told me, “It’s really something: it’s as if a switch suddenly turned off, and nobody cared anymore.” And during our visit to Sweden in May, if even one in 700 people was wearing a mask I would be surprised.

But the fanatics ye always have with you, and so even now we have items like this:

Stanford University’s Jay Bhattacharya, who has become a friend through this ordeal, responded to that headline this way:

“In 2021, the Biden administration, Fauci, and the CDC made a bet on the basis of incomplete randomized trial data that the vax would stop covid transmission. Vax mandates and discrimination followed. For the new booster, some are making the same bet, based on data from 8 mice.”

He’s not kidding about the eight mice part. I’d share more with you about that, but the results from the eight mice are part of a paper in preparation, and not even available as a preprint yet.

Incidentally, if I can get the guest I want, then sometime on the Tom Woods Show this week or next I’ll look closely at the excess deaths (non-COVID) problem in country after country, which is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal.

Check out the podcast:

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