The Blurring of Reality in the Age of Barbarism

“You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you can’t beat one idiot…with 40 facts.”

~ Rumi

The above simple quote speaks volumes, and this very logical reasoning should provoke thought where little exists, causing closed minds to open in order to seek truth and understanding. When asked how the masses can be convinced to think critically, to act as individuals, to protect their own freedom, to claim their own life and soul as sovereign, and to denounce all attempts of autocratic rule, one should refer to the fact that most of humanity voluntarily chooses to behave as slaves in a collective world of idiocy. In a world such as this, the corrupt, immoral, beastly, and evil among us, have an easy time gaining the power and control over others that they naturally seek. This, it seems, is the essence of our modern existence.

It is not as if the bulk of humanity is inherently bad; it likely is not, but the many have always been subject to rule by the few. In this present time, this archetypical phenomenon has reached an epic peak, and has consumed the minds of all but the very few. One might argue that this is the fault of the ‘master class,’ but that argument would not hold water, as voluntary servitude by the majority, whether initiated and promulgated by the powerful or not, can lead only to a society of impotent and conformist sheep awaiting slaughter.

It is because of this majority attitude that this state of confusion, ignorance, and mass obedience to illegitimate authority, has harmed and consumed all efforts by the few to awaken the spirit of the common man. On one hand, this seems to be the way of this world, but on the other, it seems to be in direct conflict with any individual natural desire to be free. This does indicate that a contradiction is present, and if that is truly so, then some chance of rational thought and an escape from this mass formation psychosis, although slight, should at least be possible. This is not meant as some sort of false hope, but all contradiction should be addressed and remedied, so as to clarify the confusion, and find what is actual truth and what is duplicitous propaganda, and then act on that knowledge.

Given the depth and scope of our current situation, the deadly intent of the new world order cabal, and that no clarity among large numbers is yet evident, one would have to conclude that the state’s efforts to achieve the long-planned ‘Great Reset’ and take over the planet, are well under way and continuing without valid resistance. Worldwide barbarism continues unabated, unconscious perception has replaced reality, proxy war has temporarily replaced the fake ‘’Covid’ plot, causing the new fear to replace the old overnight; all without suspicion or question from the submissive proletariat herd.

We are in the midst of absolute terror, and the risk to all of us due to this globalist takeover coup is accelerating without pause. With the deliberately created Ukraine debacle in full play, do not forget the mostly lost elephant in the room that began this final assault on mankind; the fake “covid pandemic.’ This threat and others like it have not disappeared. There are many threats possible, and others waiting in the background, and multiple attacks against the people are imminent. Most every emergency foisted on humanity in the future will be some version of a false flag, as all will be staged and purposely planned in advance in order to frighten the masses and fool them into submission. Remember that this is a war by the powerful and its governments against all the people at large. You are the real enemy. The pandemic scare will resurface, even if in a different light, and literally nothing has changed, as all government emergency legislation and policy are still in place. All restrictions and mandates can return at any time, as secret plots to allow global control of humanity in any feigned ‘health’ emergency are now underway.

The intentionally caused turmoil between the U.S., NATO, Ukraine, and Russia, is very dangerous, as any risk of hot war given the countries involved could turn into Armageddon. However, nuclear conflict is not likely in my opinion, as this war is more against the people than against monsters from afar; at least it has been for some time. There is friction among the most powerful nations as to the hierarchy in a globalist system, but all these countries have been supported by the U.S. at one point or another, and all have worked together to push mightily the advancement of the ‘Covid’ agendas.

Do not be that person who loses sight of the forest for the trees, as the stated and real conspiratorial desires by the state are still total and complete control of economies, monetary systems, property, and of course all of humanity. Remember that there are still mass food shortages, extreme inflation, economic ruination, slaughter of innocents in U.S. proxy wars, huge supply line disruptions, and bio-weapon injections that while slowing currently, have already adversely affected or changed the genetic makeup of millions upon millions of Americans, and billions around the world. Injecting the children this year with experimental poison is still a heavy agenda goal of the state, so another false threat of some sort of ‘virus’ outbreak could surface at any time.

Consider the monetary situation, and the economic destruction that is still happening, and the drive toward a fully digitized system in a cashless society. While it may seem that this banking and government cabal is against alternative ‘currencies’ such as crypto, that is not the whole story. The state just wants to control all crypto, as well as all other forms of money, from a powerful top tier position. It is against any free-market money system to be sure, but does want these digital systems in place as control measures, so long as they remain state owned or regulated. This is necessary in order for the states to dominate its populations.

The entirety of the fraud that has been forced upon, and voluntarily accepted by most over the past two years, seems to be coming to an end; but is it? Was the agenda simply to plan a false flag pandemic event, and keep it going until a world government was in place, or was the real agenda to inject a majority of all populations, especially in developed countries, with a mind-altering, body changing, and fully manipulative bio-weapon tool falsely called a ‘vaccine?’ If the children are mass injected with this RNA/DNA altering shot, future supremacy by the master class is assured. Given that a majority of people in the developed countries have by now taken one to four jabs, are they already doomed to the fate of being remotely controlled, sickened, or murdered by the state due to the makeup of the experimental bio-weapon called the ‘Covid-19 vaccination?’ Was that the plan all along, and if so, loosening or eliminating restrictions at this time will not harm the ruling class’s drive to structure a dictatorial technocracy?

Once again, believe nothing, trust nothing, and verify everything, especially any pronouncement, threat, any new emergency declaration, or any political or media reporting about any event or any risk. Trust no temporary relief offered by the state, as it will have underlying meaning, and will be meant to move from one position of power to the next, until it is too late to stop the heinous global attack on the people of this world.

As for this nation-state called America, it began with barbarism, even though many would wrongly describe its beginning as a search for liberty. Its government was created, and sought and solidified great power. It initiated a feeble attempt at civilization, and failed; advancing immoral behavior, promoting degradation, practicing constant aggression in wars against innocents, destroying historical records, censoring or killing all who fought against it, and now has returned to barbarism.

It is time to quit waving flags; it is time to quit supporting any country, government, or nation-state. It is time to act free so that you can be free.

“As man becomes more technologically advanced, his barbarity becomes even more lethal”

Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

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