The Bill Sardi I Remember

This memoriam best represents the Bill Sardi I remember.

My own remembrances:

Bill Sardi was a prolific writer, moreover, during the last couple of critical years, he was stupendous, writing an incredible article a day for LRC.

His illuminating and thoroughly-researched writing guided readers out of the wilderness of lies, especially the scamdemic of “Covid”.

On a personal note, Bill Sardi became one of my best friends and in my family’s inner circle, because I was able to call upon Bill for advice, from the very beginning of my being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer last year. I was 57, with my last child, 16, a son, still at home.

Bill was always there to enthusiastically answer my questions, discern the doctors misguiding directives (and fear tactics), and help me recover naturally:

– without chemotherapy (which destroys the immune system and does not kill the cancer’s “memory” cells),

– without radiation (which radically damages healthy cells, creating more cancer), and

– without surgery (which spreads trauma, inflammation, and cancer cells).

Simply stated, Bill Sardi saved my life.

However, Bill and I agreed, Our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ, is the Healer, praise be His Name!

Bill never would take any credit. He also never took payment of any kind for his advice or for the many shipments of supplements he sent to me regularly, emailing me with, “I am sending you a Gift”.

Bill was keen to follow my progress, excitedly documenting my recovery in some of his articles last year. He also, never seemed surprised at my trajectory of healing, telling me that that is how God designed our bodies: to heal naturally with His foods and herbs.

One more important thing to know about Bill Sardi, and beyond Bill’s faith in Jesus Christ, the most important thing in this world to Bill:

Bill Sardi loved his son, Matthew, with his whole heart, mind, body, and soul.

Bill had a protracted and rather public legal battle in the divorce courts of California. I bring up this painful part of Bill and Matthew’s life for two reasons:

1) I believe the court cases and the antics of the ex-wife may have led to Bill’s untimely death, as stated by Bill’s twin brother, Wayne.

2) I want other fathers and young men approaching marriage (in the US, particularly) to be informed and wary of unscrupulous women, and the vicious courts that are set up to destroy marriage, families, and  fatherhood.

Bill wrote very publicly about his painful separation from his son and the state’s interference in his fathering of his young son. He also called out, accurately, the viciousness and selfishness of his ex-wife who wielded the state to advance her own vengeance. Sadly, this is still the enforced norm in the US legal system, so, young men, beware!

Here are two brilliant and heart-felt articles Bill wrote in hopes of alerting us to the satanic divorce courts in the US. Please share these articles with every young man you know:

“The Divorce Trap”

July 14, 2017

“Why I Could Never Pass An FBI Security Clearance Check at the White House”

February 19, 2018

Finally, Bill left behind a very wonderful son, a young man of seventeen who is in spirit and mind the image of his father. Bill and Matthew collaborated on articles, projects, and were going to do great things together. May those things come to pass, for Matthew is already continuing his father’s work and will make his father proud, I am sure.

May God bless fathers and sons everywhere!

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