The 18 Questions Everyone Should Have Asked

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Remember how reliably the music industry complied with lockdown demands, such that we can count dissidents on one hand?

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison were two of the best-known such dissidents.

Van Morrison was just interviewed for Mojo magazine by Billy Bragg. After the interview, which didn’t mention the Covid lockdowns and Van Morrison’s position on them at all, Morrison posed these questions to Bragg, and I thought you’d enjoy seeing them:

1. How did you feel about the COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions and enforcement of same?

2. Did you just comply and go with the government narrative? Did you question any of it?

3. How did you feel about Rishi Sunak saying musicians should retrain and get another job?

4. Were you aware of Neil Ferguson’s track record in relation to mad cow disease and other things he got very wrong?

5. Did you know about the vast sums of money politicians were making off the face mask contracts?

6. Were you aware of the Sage Report and the terms used to get the public to comply, i.e., there must be a threat to get the public to comply?

7. Did you know of the books The State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth and COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab?

8. Are you aware of the agendas of the World Economic Forum?

9. Were you aware of the number of millions of people having protest marches all over the UK and the world? Anti-lockdown protests that weren’t being reported by the BBC or any of the mainstream media. When they were forced to report, they lied about the number of people that were in the protests, i.e., millions not hundreds.

10. Did you know that at least one of the Partygate parties was reported at the time and someone had to resign?

11. Were you against people like myself that spoke out in opposition to the lockdowns?

12. Do you think everyone should just have complied?

13. Do you think wanting freedom is some sort of political stance and, if so, are you pro-freedom of the people or pro-government overreach and enforcement?

14. Did you not approve of me protesting?

15. Did you do any research or look up Event 201 that was in October 2019 in New York and sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, to name but two?

16. Were you aware of other medical experts on the pandemic like Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Peter McCullough and many more and would you see this as political also?

17. Are you aware that Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty, and Patrick Vallance received millions from the Bill Gates Foundation? I wonder why.

18. Matt Hancock…?

Bragg did ultimately answer the questions, so if you’re interested, here they are:

Obviously, though, the questions matter more than the answers. Is it not ridiculous that Van Morrison is practically the only well-known musician even asking them? (My friends in Right Said Fred, who have talked to me on the Tom Woods Show, have been every bit as good as Van Morrison, I should add.)

Although the music industry may have been a disaster area, my Tom Woods Show Elite was and is a place where you could indeed see good questions being asked and answered, and zero cowards who complied in order to stay in the good graces of the authorities.

My next party is coming up April 29; if you’d like to attend, the only requirement is that you be a member of that group. Details can be found on the pinned post inside the Tom Woods Show Elite.

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