Thank You for Linking my Article!

I have heard your name for YEARS and didn’t even realize you were the esteemed brains behind Mises until my daughter, Sarah Katherine, started working there!  Early in my marriage, my husband used to print out your newsletter; it was a staple in his “reading stack” of financial and general life advice.

With that in mind, I am especially floored that you took time to read my writing at all and even linked to it from your newsletter.  I can’t thank you enough for this huge encouragement.  Because of your link, I’ve gained many new subscribers, and I’m absolutely elated to write for a larger audience now.

I wish my dad was alive to see Sarah Katherine (we also call her SK) working for you.  He is the one who introduced me to Mises and pushed me to read about the Austrian school of economic thought.  He always had a stack of publications for me to read, from economic to political. I’m a words person, but I love the human-centric and logical nature of Austrian, free-market economics that work with, and take into account, the motivations behind human choices.

When I homeschooled my kids, I looked to the Mises bookstore to find good economic education resources.  I ordered a fantastic economics book (Lessons for the Young Economist) for high schoolers, as well as How the Economy Grows and Wy it Crashes, and a couple other books that I adored The (titles are escaping me, and I’m not at home to see my shelf right now.). I also stumbled upon the Tuttle Twins series, which we required our oldest three kids to read.  If only every student could be instructed and entertained by these compelling resources; instead, most have to endure dull and deeply flawed materials.

Hopefully, I’ll be visiting SK in Auburn in January, and I’d love to take a peek at the library at Mises. Libraries (especially in my home) are a bit of an obsession for me—if only I had the time to read all the books I love to collect.

Thank you again for your prolific work to advance common sense, free-market thought in a world gone mad. Enjoy your Christmas holiday, and thank you for providing a work opportunity for my oldest child!

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