Thank Goodness for Diversity

From the Tom Woods Letter:

We have reason to celebrate, according to the Associated Press.

The Federal Reserve System is at its most diverse ever!

Says the AP: “There are more female, Black and openly gay officials contributing to the central bank’s interest-rate decisions than at any time in its 109-year history.”

So the problem with the Federal Reserve isn’t that it interferes with the market economy by manipulating interest rates. The problem isn’t that its interventions cause the business cycle. The problem isn’t its bailouts, or the moral hazard introduced by the very existence of a paper-money producer like the Fed (since major market actors know there is no physical constraint on money creation and therefore on the Fed’s ability to bail them out if it came to that, they behave more recklessly than they would otherwise).

No, the problem is that not enough female, black, and “openly gay” people have been participating in these awful things.

And now, problem solved!

Progressives sure are a cheap date.

Here they have, staring them in the face, a banksters’ dream: an institution whose plan and legislation were drafted by big bankers themselves, for their own benefit, and which study after study shows has increased inequality, and yet you can shut progressives up about it entirely by (1) calling criticism of it a “conspiracy theory” or (2) simply applying affirmative action to the swindle.

Can you believe these are the same people who once had the gall to use “question authority” as their slogan?

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Also, a reminder that this Saturday my friend John Bush is running his workshop on homesteading on a budget, so if you’ve been meaning to watch, now’s the time.

Along with several experts in the areas of homesteading, prepping, and frugal and small home living, John will discuss topics like:

Growing pounds of fresh, organic food to eat year-round whether you live in a 0.1-acre suburban home or cramped apartment
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Strategically stocking and prepping enough food to feed you and your family during a blackout, riot, storm, or total economic disaster
Eliminating debt, slashing expenses, and cutting costs to have more money and freedom for the lifestyle you want even with little income and a low-paying job

I’ve known John since the first Ron Paul presidential campaign of 2007-08, and he’s one of the hardest workers in the whole movement. Check him out:

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