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Small Business Barn Subscription Terms of Service

This terms of service (the Subscription Terms of Service) is in addition to our User Agreement and describes the terms pursuant to which Small Business Barn LLC offers you access to and use of our services and all other related services, applications, and tools together known as the “service”. You are contracting with Small Business Barn LLC (individually and collectively referred to as “Small Business Barn”, “we”, or “us”. By signing up to use our services you agree to all terms indicated in our user agreement and all additional terms referred to through our user agreement which pertain to you. Specifically in the case of subscribing to be a seller on our site you agree to the additional “subscription terms of service” herein.
NOTE : Your use of these services are subject to our User Agreement and all applicable terms or policies on our site. (see our user agreement for links to other policies pages).


These Terms of Service are effective as of 06/01/2021.

1. To open your store you must first choose a subscription type.

Definitions of Terms used in this Subscription/Membership Terms of Service :

“calendar month” shall mean the first day of the month through the last day of
the month

“billing cycle” shall mean the approximate 30-day period during which a seller may accrue fees, discounts, refunds or credits. A billing cycle may begin at the beginning of the month, or in the middle of the month. If you are a seller that pays fees by monthly invoice, your billing cycle is the same 30-day period included in your invoice (e.g., April 1 through April 30, or April 16 through May 15).

“Subscription Start Date” shall mean the date that you sign up for your Store subscription. You may start a subscription at any time.

“Mandatory Subscription Period” shall mean the period between the Subscription Start Date and the end of the first full calendar month of your current subscription.

2. Subscriptions

The term of a Store subscription may be for a single month, monthly, or yearly. A recurring subscription term will start the first day of the first full calendar month falling after your Subscription Start Date. A monthly Store subscription renews for continuous, one-month periods spanning the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month. A yearly Store subscription renews for continuous, twelve-month periods spanning the first day of the first calendar month to the last day of the last calendar month. The period spanning the first day of the first full calendar month falling after your Subscription Start Date through the last day of the one-month or twelve-month period included in your subscription is the “Subscription Term.”
All Store subscriptions described as “monthly” or “yearly” or “annually” renew automatically, unless canceled or modified under these Terms of Service.

3. Fees for Store Subscriptions (please see our Seller Fees page linked from our user agreement)

By registering for a Small Business Barn Store, you agree to pay all applicable fees for our subscribers.
Please see our Seller Fees Page for details on our commission, late fees, compliance fees, bank service charges and other fees. Our fees may be changed from time to time. We will give you at least 14 day notice via email if there is a change to our fees.

Fees may differ based on such things as if you are utilizing a certain payment method such as managed payments.

We offer a lower monthly rate for product sellers because if they sell on our site we will earn a commission on the sale.

If you are using our site to list your services or to sell goods whose sale cannot occur completely online due to extensive legal requirements ( Real Estate and Automobile sales ) we charge you the service business higher subscription price since we will not earn a commission on your sales.

Our Monthly Store Subscription fees include but are not limited to, recurring subscription fees ( “Store subscription fee”). If you subscribed for more than one month you will pay a Store Subscription Fee for each month of a current subscription (monthly, or yearly also stated as annually). Yearly or annual subscriptions may be discounted. The subscription fee will be charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. The fee will be the fee associated with your specified subscription type and term.

The number of listings allowed for you to use every month is for YOUR use only. You may not use unused listings for any other person or business under your account. Although we are aware that some businesses will not use all 25 listings we have made the price affordable enough to allow many to remain unused. It will be helpful for service and sales people to be able to list each separate service they offer.

4. Billing & Payment terms

We will bill subscription fees monthly on the 20th of the month for the next month. Subscription fees will be automatically deducted from your payment method on file.

We will deduct our direct sales (seller fees) commissions and fees from payouts due to you for the sale.

If you incur any other fees we will invoice you via email. We will charge your payment method on file on the due date. If your payment method fails we may use other payment methods on file such as your debit card or linked bank account, and / or begin collections actions and enforcement actions up to closing your account.

5. Initial Billing and Benefits

We will pro-rate the first month of your subscription by dividing the total monthly subscription price by the number of days in the month of your subscription start date and multiply the result by the number of days in the month.
Example : if $25/month rate then …25 (monthly rate) / 31 (days in month) = 0.81 the daily rate.
If subscription starts on the 18th of a 31 day month then 31-18=13 days x 0.81 per day = $10.53 will be charged for the period.

We will charge your card on file automatically on the 20th of the month for the billing period of the next month 1st through end of month. If your first month was not pro-rated we will post the credit from the first partial month to the first full month’s billing.

If other fees apply they may be added to your 20th billing.

Your store services begin as soon as payment is processed and approval granted in our system.
We may contact you to complete the sign up process.

All recurring subscription fees will be automatically charged until cancelled. We do not charge cancellation fees but require 30 days notice to cancel to allow time for processing.

6. Cancelling Subscription
Contact us through our internal messaging system to notify us of your desire to cancel. If there is an issue with that system then contact us via the contact page on the site. We will confirm your request to cancel through our contact information on file. After your request to cancel has been received and processed we will stop your billing within 30 days. We require 30 days notice to cancel to allow processing time. Your services will continue until cancellation has been processed but not later than 30 days from your notice to us.

7. Change of Subscription
Inside your store you can change your subscription type at any time. Please allow 30 days for billing charge changes. During that processing period your charges and benefits remain the same.

8. Other Terms
We reserve the right to amend our user agreement or terms of service. We may modify, add to, or remove terms. All amended terms will be effective 30 days after they are posted.

We reserve the right with or without notice to substitute, replace or remove store features or functionality. We may update select stores or a particular program generally at any time without notice and on a temporary or permanent basis. Such changes include alterations to the programs look and feel or addition of features.

We reserve the right to cancel your store subscription at any time or decline to renew your subscription for any reason in our sole discretion.

You acknowledge and agree that we upon 30 days notice via email that we may change any terms. These changes may alter our current rates.

Only one store per business is permitted. You may purchase additional listings good for one month.

Your subscription service is subject to our user agreement and all applicable terms and policies.