Steven Spielberg and the Other Unsmart Coronamaniacs

In America, being perceived as smart confers social status. Nearly everyone sees themselves as smart. Those who think they’re smart want to control those whom they view as less smart. Many want to be governed by those whom they perceive as smart. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is President. And most governors and all living ex-presidents shilled for the jabs.

How can we determine who’s truly smart?

One way is to stage a public health emergency and see how people react. During the past three years, tens of millions of people—many of whom had college degrees—have demonstrated that they were very unsmart by aggressively supporting lockdowns, school closures, mass asymptomatic testing and mask and “vaccine” mandates. These measures were all downside, with no upside. The failure of, and damage caused by, each was plainly foreseeable.

Many who opposed the extreme Covid overreaction have said that they knew some smart people who fell for the craziness.

Yesterday, for example, I heard two radio talk show hosts discuss Steven Spielberg’s reaction to Covid. They postulated that Spielberg is very smart because many people have paid to watch his movies. Then they played an audio clip in which Spielberg said, when 250,000 people were said to have died of Covid, he thought Covid was “an extinction level event.” Using wildly overstated, official death figures, the US is said to have crossed the 250,000 death threshold in mid-November, 2020.

Beyond not knowing that this death toll was phony and the PCR test upon which it was based delivered 90% false positives, didn’t Spielberg know that America has well over 330,000,000 people and that even 250,000 is only 0.07% of 330,000,000? Didn’t he see that nearly all said to have died from—but really with Covid, were already very old and sick? Didn’t he know that, by November, 2020, tens of millions of people had survived infection, most of them exhibiting only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all? Did he know that America’s population was actually growing at that time, as it has throughout the Scamdemic? How many people did he personally know who were said to have died of Covid between March-November, 2020? I suspect zero.

Where was the threat of extinction?

Given Spielberg’s unawareness of basic facts or science, his poor logic and his failure to compare media coverage of “The Pandemic” to his own, direct observations of the world, how smart can he—or those who shared his doomsday view—be?

Throughout the Scamdemic, many people have exhibited Spielberg’s ignorance of central facts and biology, as well as his innumeracy, illogic and disregard for observed reality. I don’t care how much money someone has, how many degrees s/he holds (or from which universities), if s/he can speak six languages, play multiple piano concertos from memory and solve Rubik’s Cube in five seconds; those who viewed Covid as scary to anyone but a very small, identifiable slice of the population and who supported the various, unprecedented and extreme governmental “mitigation” measures have shown that they’re not smart. None of this talismanic theater could possibly have worked.

Our society has poor criteria for awarding its smart badges.

Initially, being considered smart often entails the willingness to share the view of the smartness evaluator. Toward the end of one college semester, I submitted an assigned essay to my History professor. I had liberally—word choice intentional—sprinkled my paper with themes the prof had expressed in lectures. When he returned that paper in that pre-grade inflation era, the prof gave me an “A.” In red ink below the grade, he wryly followed several other sentences of comments by concluding that “You can never go wrong echoing a professor’s view.”

Most students know that they’ll be rewarded for agreeing with teachers and succumb to that incentive. Our culture purports to value critical thinking. But independent thought is actively discouraged, even in/especially in academic settings.

Peer pressure also strongly influences peoples’ views on public issues. In order to make and keep friends, many people suspend inquiry and reason and assimilate the views of their those they want with whom they want to hang out. According to a recent poll, most college-indoctrinated young women say they won’t date males who don’t toe the PC line; Lysistrata, 2022 edition.

Combining institutional and peer pressure to compel conformity and obedience is highly effective, but often destructive. The Asch, Milgram and Stanford Prison Experiments, plus the experiences of the past 35 months, bear this out.

Academic pedigree is another overrated indicator of intelligence. Political conformity is built into the college admissions process. Universities examine applicants’ organizational affiliations. Applications also include essays that allow colleges to evaluate prospective students’ ideological leanings. Demographics, sports involvement and affluence also strongly influence both admission enrollment decisions. Consequently, college selection is an attenuated meritocracy, skewed by politically correctness. Those who aren’t PC when they arrive at college are subjected to re-education by ideologically monolithic faculties.

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