State Control of Minor Children – A Rising Ideology of Liberal Mindlessness

Our esteemed CoVid FDA has just approved a new over the counter birth control pill which reads, “the risks outweigh the benefits”… just kidding – but it should!   The list of ‘common’ side effects include:   headache, dizziness, nausea, increased appetite – fatness, abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, vaginal discharge, nervousness, backache, breast discomfort, acne, and ‘dysmenorrhea’!   And then they qualify… these are NOT the only common side effects, just the ones we are talking about.

Other side effects that outweigh the risk benefits are heavy vaginal bleeding, ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, decrease in sex hormones, ectopic pregnancy, migraines, and jaundice indicating liver or pancreatic failure.

This OPill ‘medication’ is over-the-counter and will be available to young teens who have no concept of such issues as ‘side effects’.   Despite the over-the-counter status, the pamphlet on OPill states that the patient must be made aware of the potential safety concerns… Meaning the FDA has once again revealed they are either grossly negligent and/or corrupt given there is NO patient in an OTC setting..


Once again Pharma is releasing a highly reactive risk associated medication that will target young teens who don’t want mommy and daddy to know they are active sexually.   They won’t read the pamphlet, they won’ want to reveal the side effects because that would reveal they are sexually active, and there will be horrific consequences.

Isn’t it odd that in the midst of depopulating the globe and reducing live births the WH Handlers demand more immigrants without any vocational training or education to ‘take the places’ of all the excess death pharma recipients’?   The answer to the shortage of workers…

And just like that – the Brandon Regime facing unprecedented criminal charges has watered down the Gain of Function restrictions for NIH.   Peter Dazsak of EcoHealth which faced ‘no charges’ is ecstatic, ‘Now we can get back to work!” He exclaimed excitedly.   EcoHealth was found to have major accounting and bookkeeping issues that were dealt a slap worthy of Will Smith.  That was it.

Fauci stepped to the plate and defended EcoHealth’s Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab in China claiming Bats didn’t infect humans.   This time, Dazsak claims it will be different. This time they will use computers to analyze genomes.   Then, Dazsak claims, EcoHealth will partner with Linfa Wang’s lab at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.   The purpose of the research will be to test whether the CoVid viruses’ spike proteins can bind to the human angiotensin.  But CoVid is no longer a threat – it is simply another flu bug… or maybe it always was.

Wang’s lab will also study “pseudoviruses” that combine a wild coronavirus with a completely different virus that can’t cause human disease. What could possibly go wrong?   According to Bill Gates, what could go wrong is a new Pandemic release in 2024.

Linfa Wang?   By pure chance, Linfa Wang happened to be visiting Wuhan Lab in January 2020 shortly after the CoVid Leak.   It was Wang whose expertise determined that CoVid came from bats. Racing back to Singapore, his home, Wang said a woman on his flight had CoVid but luckily he was spared.   Odd – it is air-borne.   Wang claims he has been tracking bat viruses to humans for decades…

But WAIT!   Fauci is on record stating that bat viruses have never traveled from bat to human – thereby completely obliterating his own self defense!

Wang’s Biography is quite interesting if not snickerdoodling:   “Secretly listening to Voice of America while in Singapore getting his bachelors degree, Wang eventually became so proficient at English that he was chosen for a scholarship to study abroad. He did a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of California, Davis.”   He was chosen for a scholarship because of his proficient English?   Haven’t hear that one before…

The stated reason for an OTC contraceptive is that girls and women can then forego an unwanted health evaluation, physical examination and counseling.  Therefore if they have any underlying health issues they won’t have to forego a contraceptive – even one with debilitating side effects.

What exactly are the benefits to OTC Birth Control wherein the benefits outweigh the risk?   Teen pregnancy is the risk.   The benefits are risk of deadly side effects and the ability to eliminate parental interference in a child’s desire to govern her own body like an adult.   The same mantra disguised as State Control of Children.

Governor Inslee just passed a law giving children the right to seek an abortion and gender affirming surgery without parental knowledge or consent.   Inslee declares that the purpose of the Bill is to ‘get the family back together’.  

Not to worry, your children are quite safe in the State’s hands. After forcing lockdowns and the failure of online teaching, states are proposing that benign subjects such as math, reading, science, history be dummied down to make room for CRT, gender studies, and sex ed.   Because in the future – the next generation, your children and grandchildren – will be sex workers.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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