Some Thoughts for Americans as Our Government Assists Israel in Gaza

We Americans take our duties to life on Earth seriously. We feed, house, and monitor our plants and our animals. When they are sick, we take special and devoted care of them.

Our animals need water and access to appropriate and healthy food – not only an important daily task, but a task required by law.  In our small rural county we have three full time taxpayer-funded animal control officers, who have no qualms about following up on reports of mistreatment or insufficient care and feeding of our livestock and pets.  They are diligent heroes, in the eyes of most.

Americans and their pets are a big part of the economy, and a major aspect of American life.  Americans spend over $110 billion a year on their pets alone, over $44 billion of that on pet food and treats.

Americans particularly despise those who abuse animals, who fail in their duties to care for, feed, water, and house them.

This concern extends to wildlife as well, as whole movements exist in the United States to preserve wild animals, their lives and habitats.  Many Americans are involved in stopping the US Federal Government from corralling and killing feral and wild horses and burros in the west.  The access to healthy food and clean water for wild animals is also an American priority.  We will stop entire dam and pipeline projects for the sake of rodents, amphibians and insects.  What caring people we Americans are.

We Americans universally judge, fine and even imprison those of our neighbors who fail to care for their pets and livestock, or illegally hunt or harm wildlife.  Cat hoarders, puppy mills, starving horses, and starved and frozen cattle break our hearts and arouse our collective sympathies.

We boycott, sue and even break into corporations, colleges and labs that conduct vivisection or deadly and painful experiments on animals, even rats, in the manufacture and testing of their shampoos, makeup, medicine, chemicals and other products.

We push back against the US Army’s use of live animals to test munitions.  Massive confined animal feeding operations are under national scrutiny for the unnatural and inhumane conditions and risks of ill health, discomfort and spread of disease.  Our most loved heroes and heroines are those who pull lost kittens from sewage pipes, save puppies from drowning in frozen ponds, or rescue horses from wildfire and floods.

The whole country debated banning horse racing earlier this year, because of our wonderful American ethics.

We even love and cherish our old trees!

We are a country of soft hearts and a ready rage against mistreatment of life that God has made.

Republican Women groups, among many, many other religio-political associations in the country, have been praying daily for Israel, may she smite and destroy her enemies.  Gentle and steadfast, Israel demands all Gazans leave northern Gaza permanently, for their own good. She has embargoed and eliminated food, water and energy supplies for the whole of Gaza.  Sweet Israel has bombed all communications, energy nodes, water filtration stations, desalinization and public utilities – and a few hospitals, churches and refugee encampments – in Gaza, to help the Gazans move along.

When we move our cattle from field to field, we don’t refill the water where the cattle have departed, but we do provide food and water in the place they are moving to, because we want them well-fed and nourished, just in a different place.  Cattle don’t understand our words, but they tend to know what is good for them; but certainly this logic cannot be applied to Gazans.  Leaflets in Arabic have been dropped, ordering all Gazans out – incentives, care, responsibility, none of these are necessary as Israel moves in. After all, all Gazans are the enemy, because some of them are related to an armed faction of an enemy of Israel’s enemyNetanyahu can explain this, as he was indispensable in assisting and strengthening Hamas not long ago.

Netanyahu, may he be greatly blessed, is solving Israel’s problems now by permanently moving Gazans into Egypt.   When we move our cattle and sheep to a neighboring farm, we do so under a prior agreement, with the owner’s permission, for a set period of time.  Otherwise, we purchase any land we wish to have – and if it’s not for sale, or we cannot afford it, we accept that.  After all, Americans understand and cherish the ideas that property rights matter and they are the very foundation of liberty.

Of course, Israel is not bound by our American values, and why should she be?  For Gazans being forced into the Sinai, Egypt will do what it must.  A caring and kind Israel will permanently transfer en masse two million starving Gazans out of Gaza and into Egypt.  It sounds almost biblical, and we Americans do love our Bibles.

Americans would never ask a homemaker to tolerate vermin in her home, notwithstanding how we house our own army.  As a nation, we cannot even consider advising Israel on how to clean her home of unwanted animal life.  If anything, most Americans must quietly wonder how she allowed it to get this way.  Again, Israel, we pray for you.  May your house be without spot.

Americans, you are a great people, but more that that, you are good people.  The evidence of that is all around us, your kind hearts and caring natures, your generosity to man and beast alike.  The whole world sees this.

Of course, there were exceptions, long ago.  In 1933, FDR ordered the slaughter of 6.4 million hogs, and their carcasses burned for days, because the US Government determined it was good for hog prices.  While the US Government has not conducted such an operation at home since  – due to the emotional outcry of good-hearted Americans, and some Constitutionalists – our wise US leadership has proven quite supportive of similar operations abroad, including the ongoing operation in Gaza.

As in Ukraine, as in Israel, the American government demands destruction of life, land, and economy as we veto any suggestions of a humanitarian ceasefire –  this is the very foundation of our 21st century foreign policy.   Obsessive and perverse engagement in war abroad is grounded in America’s ardent love of justice, for all.  Wait, sorry, I spelled “broke-ass elite corporate oligarchy” wrong.

When murder and theft, and its associated environmental and economic devastation, happens at scale, it is always the result of governments with expansionist agendas.  These kinds of governments exist at odds with natural law and liberties, and they are always – always – immoral, cruel, vicious, and sadistic.

The proudest “democracies” of the world are – to a nation – the biggest murderers and the most frightening of hypocrites.  Instead of praying for a catastrophe that will bring on an armageddon, we should instead pray for the wisdom and the courage to stand in opposition to every one of these governments, in every way, from every direction, in every minute of every day.

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