Some Facts For Consideration

FACT:  Things than can’t go on forever, don’t.  Herb Stein’s famous “rule” is good to remember in times like these – whether it is applied to Ukraine, the US debt and spending cycle, even this new US base being built in the territory another country where we have neither a treaty or permission to be there.

As an example of things that obviously can’t go on forever – we could look at the mismatched US/NATO proxy war over Ukraine.  On one hand, you have a patient, strategic, well-supplied and well-led Army and PMC contractors doing the bidding of a domestically popular political leadership that entered the war reservedly but with valid nationalist, security and moral reasons.   On the other hand, you have a frenetic, confused, poorly-led and even less well-supplied and trained military, with an unpopular President who spends more time making demands than defending his people’s interests.  On the third hand, you have the US/NATO men in suits who, in true elite fashion, consist of non-warriors, death cultists, narcissists, and useful idiots.

Can the Ukraine/NATO/US conflict persist for decades, as Dimitry Medvedev stated this week?  Medvedev linked his prediction to the persistence of Zelensky as the sitting head of the Ukrainian state, something that itself cannot go on for much longer.

This week, a US Senator claimed publicly with a smile that the billions of US wealth transferred to Ukraine is “the best money we ever spent” specifically, as Lindsay Graham stated, “[because] Russians are dying.”

FACT:  Lindsey Graham has a death fetish, and is perfectly willing to steal taxpayer dollars to satisfy his murderous urges. He’s been doing it for years, and he’s not alone.  Half a million dead babies in Iraq (due to sanctions under the Clinton Administration), were similarly justified by then Secretary of State Maddie Albright.  An average self-respecting serial killer has more innate morality than some of our politicians.  Shamelessness aside, these kinds of attitudes cannot last forever – in part because the politicians of this generation, and of this ilk, are expiring as we speak.  I suspect much of their philosophy will die with them.  Their fans and followers, few in number already, are increasingly not electable or appointable.

FACT:  The repeated, expensive and obvious failures of the 20th and early 21st century American project of war –  funded by inflation-subsidized and uncontrollable government debt – have caused US collapse. Can we expect a new generation of neoconservatives to come, a new generation of death cultists, politicians who wish to starve, maim, and kill foreigners if they do not submit to our will?   Instead of convincing younger people that neoconservative policies work (in the face of its evident cost and failure) it is mostly the same people, badly aging, who have been conducting this US foreign policy in my lifetime.  And they are not going to last forever.

FACT:  Instead of a warmongering neoconservative message, it is Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” message, after two full generations, that has has made its mark, and inspired coming generations.  Who among us would defend the Fed these days?

FACT:  AI is going to replace many human jobs – especially in and among the MICIMATT. A clear majority of the jobs created and maintained by Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and their thousands of subsidiaries, as well as their media outreach and lobbying, and those inside the Pentagon, are all at risk from AI.  We will be able to slash the military and defense and intelligence budgets significantly without impacting actual “voter” jobs – in effect breaking the iron triangle that has gripped the United States in a dangerous and costly spiral since World War II.

FACT:  I went to a cattle auction Saturday, one focused on low-input, grass-fed genetics.  The mood was cheerful, cattle sold high, and the bidders felt lucky to get what they got.  These folks are what cattleman Kit Pharo calls “Herd Quitters” – meaning, in their industry, they are thinking for themselves, looking at reality not propaganda, and figuring out how to live, create and thrive by bucking the system and rejecting the “way it’s always been.”  While a good number of older farmers were certainly in attendance  – it was the 30-somethings that were making all the moves, and investing in the future.

This same younger set are also rejecting public schooling, not buying into the cost and questionable value of a college degree, don’t consume mainstream media, and they think about and plan to create generational wealth.  They already know that what can’t go on forever doesn’t, and they are getting ready for that right now.

FACT:  What’s coming for the United States government will be life-altering for those invested in that government.  There are many facets of this accelerating institutional failure, but consider only the impacts of Ukraine here:  Ukraine – in its aftermath – will have reduced NATO to a questioned and questionable money commitment by the bulk of people living in Europe.  Ukraine’s eventual subdivision, and even subjugation by other European countries in its post-war ungovernability, will continue burden Europe in a number of ways, and crystallize the distrust and contempt that Europeans already have for the United States government and its oversold ability to defend, and to fuel, that continent.  Ukraine effectively – as a demonstration of extremely stupid and short-sighted Washington policy regarding energy and consumer markets (destruction of Nord Stream and global sanctions) – has irreversibly ended US dollar hegemony.

Ukraine – as reality gradually dawns on the West, will also metastasize massive popular distrust of citizens of the West in their state media – which has lied about Ukraine and US policy there from the beginning, and censored dissent in every form.

It is possible I don’t have my “facts” straight. Who knows. I do see stars lining up for the collapse of the US government, and I see that as something to both prepare for, and to celebrate.  If it were a company it would already be bankrupt and abandoned; a family, broken and buried; a philosophy, uncompelling and dead.  We live in interesting times, as the curse goes, but we also have wonderful opportunities right now to live and practice liberty from our failing, unfunded, elite-driven government as no time before in our history, even the 1760s and 1770s.  What a gift!

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