So You Are Still Thinking About Taking the Vaccine To Please Your Employer?

Imagine it is early on the morning of November 11, 1918. You are a French soldier or perhaps a German soldier. The armistice to end the Great War is about to go into effect that day at eleven in the morning. 


You are not in tune with the new reality. 


You are in tune with the narrative that was fed to you and everyone around you for four long years. You are in tune with the narrative fed to you and which, by this point, has no basis in reality. 


This is what you do as a result — with less than 12 hours left before the cease fire, you charge an enemy position, because that has been worked into your propaganda-addled mind.  


Is it out of fear you act? Is it out of duty? Is it out of pride? Is it out of honor? Is it out of love of country or community or family or homeland? Is it out of suicidal ideation that you act? Is it out of disinterest in returning to reality as you once knew it — a reality where such a war does not exist and in which you need to do the hard work of giving your life structure, focus, and meaning? 


I have no idea. 


But I know this much, the foundation of such feelings in such a moment are not able to be based on truth, precisely because of your propaganda-addled mind. The foundation is weak and propaganda can be so effective at decaying the foundation. 


So you charge the enemy position and die for a cause that had no truth to it and was only still upheld by the most vacuous members of society. 


You die a pointless death. 


Fast-forward to this day in 2022. 


I drive up and down the California coast getting together with groups of activists — coaching them in person, online, over the phone. I identify their goals and help them to achieve those goals. I do the work of community organizing that I first learned growing up in the machine political environment of Democrat Chicagoland politics. In that role as an organizer and a writer, I am a scout, seeing the things that no Fox or New York Times reporter would be privy to. 


And let me give you the scouting report from on the ground in California. I see this. 


The narrative has crumbled. There is nothing left to the vaccine narrative. Only the most vacuous members of society are still putting stock to the narrative and if you are listening to the most vacuous members of society, you are listening to the wrong voices. Why not be listening to the people living life at the speartip of societal change, who stand for honorable values, and who are doing so in the places that are some of the most impactful upon the trajectory of the world? 


I would put Silicon Valley near the top of that list. Through a dynamic that I will not here describe, so much of what happens in that area in the San Francisco Bay Area affects the entire world. I would put the entire state of California there too, though to a lesser extent. 


As but one example, in 2024, the vaccine-injured Gavin Newsom is likely to run for President, and California activists who trained in the trenches the four years prior will become some of his most meaningful opposition voices — once fans of his, turned devout opposition from the Ides of March 2020 onward. The very concept of health mandates, if they still exist, will be part of a national debate because of his run, rather than silently being pushed forward in the shadows of bureaucratic offices and by force or threat of force from the police state as they heretofore have often been. 


That showdown is inevitable. Eventually government will come around to the reality. It will have no choice. The narrative in support of the vaccines is flawed, and if played right, health freedom warriors may even win the fight that the narrative in support of all health mandates is flawed. 


But I do not even want you concerned about 2024. I bring it up only as illustration of the shifting tide. That election is some national level nonsense that you are unlikely to be able to singlehandedly influence. 


But what you can singlehandedly influence is your own life. 


You are in the very last hours of a battle that you have almost won. It is one of the most awful battles humanity has ever fought. It has been a psychological battle, not a kinetic one. No physical bullets fly. It is a war for your mind. Through your mind, the enemy knows you can be overcome, your home can be overcome, your family overcome, and perhaps even your community overcome. 


The war is about to be won. The narrative has crumbled, the victory simply needs to be followed through with. 


And at such a moment as that, when you are about to win the greatest victory humanity has ever had, you tell me you are going to take the toxic, debilitating, sterilizing, homicidal shot? 


Are you serious? 


It is the morning of November 11, 1918, and you are telling me you would prefer to charge the enemy lines rather than going back to living the life of a free man. 


Are you serious? 


At least in 1918 when you comply with the old narrative and charge the enemy position, you risk a chance of not being gassed, of not being bayoneted, of not being shot by a bullet, of not having your body pierced with some of the most evil toxins known to man. 


In 2022, you run no such chance. When you take the shot, you are volunteering to have your body pierced with some of the most evil toxins known to man — and that is only after a year of testing that slurry on the general public. Imagine what we will know about this homicidal brew a decade from now. 


You are a fool to take the shot at this point. You choose to crumble to the narrative after the narrative has crumbled? 


How can that possibly make sense. 


Open your eyes and see this moment for what it is. 


Your side has won. 


You get to go back to normal — if you seize that for yourself. 


You get to return to a world more free than even your grandparents had known — if you seize that for yourself. 


The question is this — Will you take this unique, short-lived opportunity to seize that for yourself? 


I know you have a pressing reality — you need a shot to continue working or some other activity. I beg you to get comfortable walking away from such a job, such a family member, such a physician — whoever it is that is demanding the shot of you. In any negotiation, the one less likely to say “No,” is the inferior party to the negotiation. 


Don’t choose to make yourself inferior — especially when you have the morally superior high ground AND especially after you have won the conversation and after their narrative has crumbled. 


You have won.


Now let’s talk about the boring mundane details here. 


If you want to invoke an exemption, I recommend this approach, which I wrote about a year ago. It is an approach of giving as little information as possible. 


It is not for everyone, and it is certainly not recommended by the gurus who do hundreds or thousands of vaccine exemptions in a year. I respect such people very much, some of whom I have the highest respect for. We generally have different goals. Their goal is to help you keep your job while remaining unjabbed. My goal is to help you stand up and at all cost. 


And truthfully, filing an exemption is a weaker way to go. 


Even better than religious exemption is asking the boss / doctor / principal / misguided control freak / family member something like this “I know your policy is to require a vaccine. I will not be able to take the vaccine and I do not want to explain that any further. I would like you to still make room for me. What can you do for me to make that happen?”


That is where we need to be. 


We need to be looking others in the eye and telling them what we want from them and asking them to deliver. 


That is part of the most basic aspect of living as a free person in a civil society. 


And if you feel that our society has gotten less free and less civil, this moment especially needs exactly that of you — to model the behavior of a free man in a free society. 


It is the last hours of the war. I do not know if the rest of the world catches up one day from now or one year from now, but it will catch up. 


Now you just need to hold your ground and to be aware of the new realities of the world around us. 


Because you have won. 


Now start acting like that. 




If you need more help than that, I have an option for you. 


This week, the doors closed on a recent project of mine — Project Pureblood — a community of unjabbed people who refuse to take the shot and who refuse to comply with mask mandates. 


But the doors remain open on a project jabbed readers asked me for — a community of the jabbed who realize they made a mistake in the past and who vow to never take the shot nor ever wear the mask again. 


If that describes you, have a look here at “The Converts.” ( You will find in that group a community of passionate people who will never again accept the jab mandates nor the mask mandates. Doors close at the end of this weekend. 

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