Snowman Propagandizes Citizens

From the Tom Woods Letter:

A few items for you today.

(1) Let’s begin with this snowman image from New York.

The image is accompanied by this message:

“Flu, COVID-19 and RSV are all currently spreading in NYC. Wearing a mask in public indoor spaces and crowded places can help protect you and also protect others if you’re sick. High-quality masks, such as N95s, KN95s and KF94s provide the best protection.”

There is no evidence for this. I know you know this already. The Cochrane Review demolished all the masking claims once and for all. But they still want to try to keep it going.

(Not to mention, what exactly would a snowman, who is always in danger of melting, be doing in an indoor space?)

(2) Harvard has been taking a beating in the media these days. Here’s something I just dug up from several days before October 7. A poll reported by the Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper, found that “94 percent of surveyed Harvard students said they have self-censored in conversations with their peers before; 88 percent have felt they could not express an opinion because of how others would respond; and 36 percent reported being more likely to self-censor now than when they started at Harvard.”

That sounds like an awesome place to be.

(3) I’m happy to report that my Polish publisher wishes to publish a Polish translation of my new book Diary of a Psychosis — including the companion volume, which I’m giving away for free, called Collateral Damage: Victims of the Lockdown Regime Tell Their Stories (which I hope you’ll all read, at least in English, and which you can pick up as a free bonus at

(4) I’m taking a week off from the Tom Woods Show for Christmas, so there will be only three more episodes this year, concluding with episode #2434, to be released this Friday, featuring the Reagan Administration’s David Stockman.

(5) Most people don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions because they know they won’t stick with them. Most New Year’s resolutions are destined for failure anyway, because they’re formulated all wrong.

The mistake everyone makes is to assume that because New Year’s resolutions don’t work, then goal-setting is pointless. That’s dead wrong.

Hundreds if not thousands of my readers are joining me in ambitious venture together to make 2024 the best year we’ve ever had. No fluff, no self-help woo-woo silliness, no empty platitudes. We’re following a specific, actionable program. We won’t drift into a great 2024. We have to captain our ship to get us there.

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