Simone Gold, Domestic Terrorist, Was Scheduled For Release From Prison On September 11th

How fitting that someone sat down with a calendar and said, “Simone Gold, one of the highest profile ‘scalps’ of January 6, 2021, should be released from prison on September 11, 2022, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks.”


Whatever you believe took place on 9/11, the fallout of that day is clear. That is the day in which the insurrection against the American people really kicked into high gear. The administrative state had been focussed, busy, and growing up until 1989.  A declared victory against the USSR came to fruition as satellite state after satellite state toppled in the fall and winter of that year. 


In 1991, the American administrative state again declared victory over the USSR, as the USSR, itself, finally toppled. And then the members of the American administrative state were treated like victors are supposed to be treated — they are thanked for their Cold War service and sent home to the plow. 


However slight and short-lived it might have been, leadership of both political parties publicly proclaimed open hostility to the deep state — even going so far in their hostility as to balance the budget. 


Bill Clinton, who came to power after the 1992 election, and Newt Gingrich, who became Speaker of the House of the first Republican Congress in 40 years — even they, to some degree, publicly rose to send the members of the Cold War administrative state back to the plow. 


George H.W. Bush (August 18, 1988: “Read my lips no new taxes!”; November 5, 1990: new taxes), and his immediate courtiers, had temporarily been replaced as the weak-handed heads of the Republican Party. In his personality, in his experiences, in his choices, his life, and his career, Bush had been the embodiment of the Cold War administrative state. 


In his defeat, the cold warrior was thanked and sent back to the plow, a plow he never had. Contained therein is a lesson. He with no plow, with no other purpose for existing, will sooner die than give up his life’s purpose of building the administrative state. 


Like many in the administrative state, he only really knew how to do one thing: fight the Cold War by building and administering the administrative state. Through this lens, so much of American foreign and domestic policy from the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to the present day should be clear. They will sooner give up their own lives than to give up control of the administrative state that by its existence acts to choke every breath of life and every heartbeat of freedom from everything you hold dear. It is not an option for them.


Throughout the 1990s, the administrative state learned something — if it was going to survive in a country that saw itself as free as the American people saw themselves, then it would have to get pretty savvy about recognizing that the American people were actually its enemies, and recognizing that national spirit for greater freedom was its deepest enemy. 


The administrative state hatched plans throughout the 1990s that did not come to fruition very well, but make no mistake, a creeping tyranny existed. 


Again, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, this went into high gear. It is hard to look back on those freer days, with these past two decades of hindsight, without realizing how the American people were convinced to let their government declare them to be the enemy and  to let their government declare their freedom to be the enemy. In March 2020, with the advent of corona communism, that process went into overdrive. 


Do I have some big conspiracy to point to? No. Doing so is not even necessary. If you let government get big enough, powerful enough, then enough people working for government will eventually realize that either you drown government in the bathtub or government will drown you in the bathtub. Enough big plans sitting around, unhatched, waiting for the right opportunity, eventually find the right opportunity. 


Well, one could naturally enough ask, “Why were you ever allowing the government the opportunity to even make such plans?” It is hard, however, to stop such plans once the state gets so large. Some would even say that it is hard to stop those plans when there is a state at all. 


This Past Week . . . The KGB Buried The Influence Of The West 


This past week, the KGB buried the symbol of the influence of the West that helped tear apart the USSR. Vladimir Putin buried Mikhail Gorbachev. 


Of course, it was the cockamamie concept of socialism that brought about the demise of the USSR. But you will not get a creature of the administrative state to believe such a thing is even possible. 


And maybe they are right. Maybe there is always some sinister hand at play that controls everything. Perhaps not a single one of us has any free will to control our path through this world and impact things around us. Perhaps they are right that all meaningful human action can be attributed to conspiracy. But then again, that would be about the most demonic thing I have ever agreed to. 


Conspiracy theories that deny human agency keep dangerous company. 


While many theories exist in the contemporary United States that challenge free will, the popularity and prevalence of such ideas make them no more accurate.


And the polar opposite to them is Genesis 1:26, which declares us made in the likeness of God. 


Dr. Gold, The Road Warrior, The Spiritual Warrior 


Dr. Simone Gold, in 2020 and 2021, spent some time driving the same roads that I did as we each went up and down the California coast, meeting with fellow Americans. 


Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, our paths crossed on a spring day. Dr. Gold was preparing to deliver a message that she has spoken far and wide: “The Religion of Public Health.” 


In the message, and in her work, it becomes apparent that Gold understands a special thing that the Apostle Paul wrote. It is not just a fight against people. It is a fight against the spiritual: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” 


Which is to say, if you are only facing off with people, you are missing something. 


Jail — The Home To Effective Regime Enemies Throughout History 


Gold could, likely, have appealed her January 6 sentence all the way to the Supreme Court and won. Alternatively, she could have appealed her sentence until a Republican was back in the White House. Instead, Dr. Simone Gold went and settled down to some quiet time in jail and put the latest trick of the enemy behind her, using it to her advantage. 


Used well, we will all be surprised by an even more wise, even more focussed, and even more prepared Simone Gold. That is the experience that some have had, even in a place as awful as prison, even in a place as awful as an American gulag. Used well, the administrative state will face one of its greatest adversaries yet — not in DC, not someone vying for the national stage, but a woman who is organizing and encouraging the members of the grassroots to act upon their individual volition and in their individual capacities. 


Though many around me are former leftists, how nice it is to be surrounded not by a leftist influenced movement — in which a person is but a number and politics is nothing more than shows of strength — but instead being surrounded by people who get the value of the grassroots. 


You can’t topple a decentralized movement with the ease that you can decapitate a top-down structure. Society changes one person at a time. The real change is slow change. The real change is very difficult to undo with a tweet, an order, a law, or even enforcement. Change the soul of the person in question, and the rest hardly matters. 


I wanted Dr. Gold to fight the unjust January 6 sentence to the bitter end. Instead, I suspect, she went quietly to prison and fought the spiritual battle. I suspect that is a story that we, her reading public, may be privy to over the months and years ahead. 


Sometimes we lose in the short term in the physical world, knowing that the long term strategy is contemporaneously advanced. Sometimes we lose in the physical and our relationship with the spiritual stays as perfectly on-point. 


I write about face masks, not simply because they are unsafe and ineffective, but because they are so much more. If you can say “No!” to the face mask, you can say “No!” to all manner of ills that come at you, claiming authority to impose upon you. 


In my writing of ancient pagan gods whose cults and rituals remain with us to this day, in my writing of child sacrifice, in my writing on the greatest epics of human history , in my stories of contemporary battles for control, you find what the face mask really is: a spiritual attack on you, your home, your community, and your country. 


Gold gets that. Do you? 


I suspect Dr. Gold will come out of jail all the more wise than she went in, all the more clear. 


Thank you, Dr. Gold, for your service to our country. 


In 1991, the US administrative state ceased to have a purpose. Public servants slowly turned into menaces to the public and are today public enemies. Because of men and women like Dr. Simone Gold, because of men and women like some of those who read these pages, the administrative state will again lose its purpose and will this time be sent home to the plow (if they choose to go easily) or to jail (if they choose to make this difficult). 


The true January 6 insurrection was orchestrated by the administrative state and is a mere continuation of events from the mid-1990s, through to 9/11, through to the Ides of March 2020, and continuing to the present day. 


With the anniversary of 9/11 here, perhaps it is an appropriate time to take an oath of your own. Perhaps it is time to make some commitments of your own. Perhaps it is time to say aloud how exactly you intend to be involved in the dismantling of the administrative state that seeks to dismantle your community, your family, your home, your life, and you. 


They understand it is a matter of survival. Do you? Only one of those two groups can survive in their current capacity and receive the respective dreams for the world that they want. Hardly is there room for both. 


Righteous Anger 


It is not usual that I get angry, but the story of the harassment of Dr. Simone Gold leaves me angry — a righteous anger. 


It is the story of you just as much as it is the story of her. It is the story of the free man, the free woman, preposterously being declared an enemy to freedom by actual enemies of freedom. 


I am writing to welcome home Dr. Simone Gold. You have been missed out here on the outside. Along with many impactful revolutionaries from history, I pray that your time in jail was solemn, prayerful, quiet, and able to help you plan and build for the future. 


And I write to you too, dear warrior, reading this. I write that you begin to see, that no matter how much you have given of yourself to date — it is time now to give even more. 


This moment needs you in the fight. 




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