Seller Standards & Practices Policies

To protect our marketplace we require certain standards.
We may rate your service and customer satisfaction. If sellers do not maintain certain standards we may withhold payment until an item is resolved, we may reduce your ranking, we may charge issue resolution fees and we may refuse services to sellers.

Seller Requirements

You must be the legal owner or authorized dealer of the item to be listed.
If you are a drop shipper your supplier must agree to the terms in your listing.
You are responsible for the legality of any items you post. You must post all required notices and be licensed where required. Refunds are required under certain circumstances. See Returns & Refunds below.
We do prohibit certain items on our site. See Prohibited Items list for details.

Listings :
Listings are required to be accurate and up to date at all times. You must clearly describe the item and it’s condition, it’s measurements, all pertinent information such as version, expiration dates, and any known substantial purchase impacting limitations of the product or performance. Include photos of the actual item if it is in a used condition. Photo’s must accurately depict the item.

Check your listing for accuracy in :
Inventory available
Measurements such as weight, dimensions.
Technical details such as version, expiration, limitations & compatibility.
Handling time you allow yourself to package & ship
Shipping methods & costs (shipping is sold at cost)
Returns & refunds policy including the following:
(sometimes refunds are required. See Returns & Refunds below)
If you offer refunds, replacement or exchange & terms
who pays return shipping and
time frame in which item must be return shipped.
How the refund is issued

Items with android software which cannot get an updated version of the software must be noted in the listing.

Active Content or Javascript
We do not allow active content in our listings. If it moves, changes color, etc it is active content.
Examples are embedded feedback, scrolling item pickers, social links, or widgets.
It creates a poor viewing experience as it takes more time to load and creates a risk of damaging code.

Images & text policy
You should take your own pictures and create your own descriptions for items you list. If you use other sources you need to have authorization by the content creator to do so. When you create a listing you grant license through our user agreement to use your product images and details. If we add it to our catalog it may be used by other members in their listings.

Item Location Misrepresentation
The item must be shipped and delivered only from and to the United States. We do not support international requirements. The location the item ships from is important to the buyer as it makes them aware of approximate time of delivery and costs of shipping.

Links Policy
Store names cannot be a “.com”, “.net” etc

Videos may not violate our policies and must be directly related to the listing such as demos or installation videos

Credits for third party providers are not allowed to link off of our site or contain external web addresses or contact information and must meet the following guidelines. A logo not over 90 x 35 pixels, 10 words of text, and no promotional material. You may only identify their specific service provided for the listing. The credit may not contain active items such as animation, flashing or moving.

Links within the item description are allowed if they are linking to:
A demo or installation video for the item in the listing
Credit for third party
Legally required information
Videos must be hosted only from companies that do not censor speech.
We allow : Brighteon, bitchute, rumble,

No Items listing

If your listing does not clearly indicate a product or service it is not allowed. It will lead to confusion or may be an attempt to enable fraudulent or illegal behavior and creates confusion for customers.

Removed Listings

If we remove your listing due to policy violations we will notify you via email. If your listing is not showing up it may be lower in the search results or not posted yet.

Returns & Refunds:

Generally you are not required to offer returns or refunds though it’s a good idea to do so. It gives assurance to purchasing online.

If a buyer has an issue of any kind seller is required to resolve it within 3 business days.

If you cannot resolve the issue you can ask us to step in and help. If seller is at fault we will charge $25 for this service.

If your buyer has not received their item and you do not provide proof of delivery you will be required to refund the item (including shipping).

If the item value is over $500 (total with shipping & tax) sellers are required to obtain signature on delivery. It may be advisable to insure the package.

If the item arrives damaged, does not match the listing description at the time of sale or is the wrong item the seller is required to refund the buyer including shipping.

If you do offer returns or refunds be clear about your terms:
Do you offer only an exchange, cash refund or allow both options and any conditions.
State who will pay return shipping.
State the period of time item must be return shipped by
State if item is returned damaged or used by the customer that refund amount may be reduced to up to 50% of purchase price.

Search Manipulation Policy

Manipulate search results to gain unfair position or visibility.
You may not use keywords not directly related to the item for sale.
When an item is an accessory or used in combination it should state before the item that it “fits”, is “for” or “compatible” with the item.
Listings that make comparisons with other items are not allowed
Listings promoting other listings are not allowed
Listings cannot include ? marks. If you’re not sure then you should leave it out.
Offering different products in a single listing is not allowed
Variations such as size and color for the same item & price are allowed

Third Party Endorsements
Third party endorsements or statements are not allowed.
You cannot make statements regarding your seller status that cannot be easily verified.
You may point out any easily verifiable metrics on our site.
Subjective statements which cannot be verified are not allowed.
Statements which guarantee the transaction or item but not the seller are allowed.

If you offer a warranty it must be clearly stated on the listing with reference to how to obtain the full warranty or service terms free of charge.