Seller Listing Policy

Items on this site are only for sale within the United States. They may not be shipped outside of the United States.

Provide accurate & pertinent information in your listings
Buyers need accurate information with which to make an educated choice. It is solely the responsibility of the seller to provide accurate and up to date information. If a buyer purchases from you based on your description of the item at the time and the product is not as described by the seller then the seller will be required to refund the item price and shipping. Failure to post facts that would clearly change a buyer’s choice will also require a refund.
An example would be selling android system electronics which cannot update the android version. That’s a very dated item. Deceitful listings will not be permitted.

Legal & Safety (licensing, recalls, disclosures)
Seller is solely responsible for the item they list. It must be legal to sell in the United States, if licensing is required you are solely responsible for being properly licensed. If the item requires certain disclosures or notices you are required to include them in your item description as required by law. You must remove any manufacturer recalled item immediately from Small Business Barn’s website.

Active Content
Active content including javascript is not allowed in listings. Anything that moves, flashes, or is animated is active content. It may cause delays and poses a risk of software viruses.

Blank Items
You must have a clear product or service to sell on every listing. Blank listings will cause confusion and may indicate illegal behavior.

Items must be listed only in the appropriate category.

Deceitful Listings
If an items leaves out information pertinent to a buyer’s decision it may be considered a deceitful listing.

Duplicate Listings
Listings of the same thing many times creates difficulty for buyers to find what they are looking for. Only one listing per item is allowed. If it comes in various sizes and colors use variations to list the item, not separate listings.

Infringement Policy
Make sure you are giving buyers an accurate representation of your items. Do not infringe on other’s rights by copying without permission any pictures, or content.
Make your own description and provide your own pictures. We may make common items descriptions and pictures available in our catalog which you will be free to use.

Item Description
If the item is an accessory the item description may state “for”, “compatible with” before the item. Item descriptions should be clear as to what the item is or is for. Inaccurate descriptions create confusion and make it difficult to find what you are looking for.

Item shipping location
So that shoppers may have an idea how long it will take and because they may choose to buy from one supplier over another based on location your shipping location must be accurate.

Links Policy
We may dis-allow any links outside of our site. We may allow some links only to sites which do not censor (brighteon, bitchute, rumble,, etc) for the purpose of product demos or installation information.

Do not attempt to manipulate search results in an inaccurate manner. An example is using terms which do not apply to your item to get it to show up in inaccurate areas or in greater frequency by connection.

Prohibited Items
Please see our prohibited items list for more details on what is not allowed on Small Business Barn.

Other than required return acceptance in the above cases you may have your own return & refund policy which must be detailed (including who is to pay return shipping, time frame in which you accept returns, refund time frame, and if you may reduce the refund up to 50% for any unreported product use or damage) in your policy section.

You must ship based on the terms of your item and faster than or equal to the method chosen by the buyer. If the delivery is for over $500 in goods seller is required to obtain a signature of receipt. The item must be packaged and handled in a way that it arrives undamaged.

Third Party Endorsements
Third party endorsements regarding your reputation which cannot be easily verified will not be allowed. Subjective statements cannot be easily verified will not be allowed.

Returns & Refunds
Seller’s may have their own refund policy which must be clearly outlined in the terms of the item. You should specify the time period in which a return may be accepted, that the refund may be reduced for damage, if you offer exchange, cash refund or both. Specify who pays return shipping.

Policy Enforcement
Small Business Barn may remove, alter, correct, or edit data on a listing or remove it if it fails to follow our guidelines. If a seller continues to fail to follow our guidelines we may discontinue service to that seller, or charge enforcement fees. We will notify you of our actions via email so that you may have opportunity to clarify and correct any issues.