seller fees

To be a seller we require a subscription fee based on if you are a service business or a product seller.  We offer a slightly lower rate for product sellers because we charge them a commission (see below) on products which sell on our site.  The subscription amount is indicated when you subscribe and is valid for the subscription period.  If we need to raise our rates we will notify you via email. 

Subscription Fees :  Two basic subscriber types

Service Business $35.00 /month 
( if you also sell products on our site sign up as a product seller for reduced rate)

Product Seller Subscription is $25.00 /month
You are offered a discount because we charge a commission for your products which sell on our site.
**If you are advertising for the sale of Automobiles, or Real Estate these sales may not create a binding purchase agreement so cannot be completed on our site and are for informational purposes only.   Real Estate or Auto sales must use the “Service Business” Subscription.

Seller Fees

 Applies to

Bank Payment Processing Charges

Website & Admin


Total Commission

Maximum Commission Charged

All items sold. Total with shipping & tax

2.8% to 3.1%


Not capped

Product sale  Standard Rate (exceptions below)



10.3% to 10.6%


Heavy Equipment



4.3% to 4.6%


Computers, tablets, e-readers



7% to 7.3%


Coins, money, stamps


5.0 %

7.8% to 8.1%


Cameras, phones, memory cards, gps or security devices, video game consoles, drones



 9.05% to 9.35%





9.05% to 9.35%



Transaction Fees

Every transaction has a bank charge of $ 0.25 and a minimum commission charge of
$ 0.50. These are for costs relating to processing the transaction.

Commission Fees of Small Business Barn only apply to the product sale amount. They are not charged on shipping, handling or sales tax. They are charged at the rate listed that is based on the category of the item. If your item is not listed separately the rate is the standard product sale rate.

Miscellaneous Charges

Store subscription fees :
$35/month for service businesses, $25/month for product sales business. Annual subscriptions often provide a discount. You may cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Purchase 25 more listings for $25. These listings are additional listings for the period over the 25 included with your subscription. They are good for 30 days then expire. You can purchase additional listings at any time.

Compliance Check & complaint resolution assistance created from customer complaint :
$25/hour, minimum $25

Policy Compliance Fees.
These are to compensate our time to evaluate your compliance with our user agreement, notify you of any policy failure, and check to see that you have made the requested changes to become compliant.
These fees are initiated by a customer complaint only after the customer has contacted you and allowed 3 business days for you to resolve the issue and they are still not satisfied.

If you are found not to be at fault no fee will be charged. If we found a compliance issue we will work to resolve it with you. The complaint and resolution will be noted for future reference.

$25/hour, $25 minimum

Late Fees
Charged if subscription or other charges are not paid within 30 days of date they are due.