Schools Are Indoctrinating Children Into Believing That They Are in the Wrong Body

The US Department of Education has an Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Catherine Lhamon, who is busy at work making sure parents don’t have any rights and are unable to get in the way of her personal agenda of transgendering  children.  She is pushing new Title IX rules that facilitate school boards to encourage gender transitions without awareness or consent from Parents. 

In other words, Lhamon is using the US Government to impose her personal agenda.  What do you think about that?

Have you ever wondered about the transgender craze that suddenly was upon us?  I went through K-12, 4 years of undergraduate university, and 4 years of graduate school and never heard the issue mentioned.  I never knew or heard of anyone who thought they were the opposite sex, or knew a man who wanted to be a woman or a woman who wanted to be a man.  As a kid I knew a couple of girls, known as “Tom Boys,” who liked to climb trees and would go off the high dive, but that was the extent of it.

It seems that the transgender movement is the result of indoctrination in school.  Teacher advocates give the kids the idea that there is nothing unusual about being born the wrong sex in the wrong body and that so many are that gender transition is a worthy topic.  

It seems to have become a big medical business overnight.  Psychiatrists and psychologists are involved.  Pharmaceutical companies sell hormone blockers. Clinics perform sex change operations.  Transgender advocates brand parents “abusive” for not supporting some 12-year old’s implanted idea that a sex change is needed.  As the indoctrination is clearly a form of abuse, where is Child Protective Services?

I read recently that Britain’s Tavistock Centre for transgendering had been ordered closed and that other European countries had reigned in aggressive sex change practices.  Parents are beginning to bring lawsuits about the damage done their children behind their backs.  But transgender advocates argue that kids have a right to “gender privacy” from parents who would’t be supportive of their kids’ transgendering.  What this means is that “kids’ rights” are really the school’s rights, the transgender advocate’s rights, the transgender specialist’s rights, everyone’s rights but the parents.

I wonder how much longer Americans are going to have children. Those at work deconstructing marriage, family, and society are taking all the pleasure out of parenthood and all of the responsibility for children from parents.  How can you be a parent when you can’t raise your own child?

Imagine the horror of going through a sex change and then realizing that you are indeed in the wrong body.

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