SADS — Missing From My Dictionary — Pfizer’s New Approach

Curiously, doctors are now reporting that people dying with the exact symptoms of what death from a Covid-19 vaccine would look like, are actually being called death by “SADS” or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. 


It is a very widely known, age-old problem, we are assured. 


My 8.6 pound Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language from 1992, has quite a bit to say about sudden death, but it does not have anything to say about SADS. 


Perhaps it is not the age-old problem we are being told it is. 


Immediately after the keyword sudden, you will find a telling entry. 


Sudden death is described by my print dictionary as a sports term: “an overtime period in which a tied contest is won and play is stopped immediately after one of the contestants scores…”


Surely the phrase “sudden death” can mean that a human has suddenly died, however, the phrase “sudden death” is so foreign when referring to the adult human body, that such a definition goes unmentioned. 


Immediately after the keyword “sudden death,” you will find another telling entry: sudden infant death syndrome. 


That term has long been a condition that occupies the minds of the public. Synonyms crib death or cot death are also mentioned in that entry. No mention is made of SADS, though this entry would be another natural place for editors to list this age-old problem. 


When the memory-hole-prone interwebs and the deceptively inventive media tell you that a condition has always existed, sometimes it is good to turn to a print edition that someone was unable to change in the middle of the night. 


After sudden infant death syndrome, the massive dictionary moves on from the topic with an entry for Hermann Sudermann (a German writer), then Sudeten (the mountains and land in the north of the Czech Republic and south of Germany), followed by an entry for somewhat redundant, but slightly different Sudetenland. 


My 1992 Webster’s is pretty thorough, but it has no SADS. 


Perhaps that is because there is no SADS. Certainly adults die suddenly. That is a fact of life. But to present the massive new uptick in death and disease related to cardiovascular function as if it were an age-old unexplainable problem is a lie. 


A Lack Of Curiosity 


Researchers do not seem to want to know what the cause can be — neither from a correlative perspective nor from an anecdotal perspective. 


That is really the main issue — researchers do not want to know the cause of the massive uptick in adult deaths that is tracking the massive uptick in administration of the Covid vaccine. 


Researchers once wanted to know such things. Thalidomide, as one example, was previously called the “biggest man-made medical disaster ever.” That title has been wrestled away by a new man-made disaster. 


Big Pharma even once wanted to know such things. To illustrate the behavior of a successful American drug manufacturer when there was no liability shield in place, let us look at Tylenol, one of the most consumed drugs in America. 


The 1982 Tylenol Recall 


In 1982, Tylenol was recalled because of some deaths near Chicago from Tylenol laced with cyanide. Fewer than one dozen deaths motivated this recall. Quickly, Tylenol got in front of this matter in the media, provided increased transparency, made significant operational changes and addressed the problem. 


In the months that followed, some reassuring moves were taken by Tylenol’s manufacturer to resolve the risk of cyanide deaths taking place again. Tylenol even developed new safety standards around medicine as a result of this. This approach cost Tylenol a reported $100 million, but it was $100 million that powerfully reassured the consumer. Sales soon bounced back. 


Using that model, if a handful of people were concerned about what was currently happening with deaths around the Covid vaccine, it would make sense to halt vaccine distribution, and to address the issues at hand. 


Pfizer — Trying A New Thing 


However, Pfizer has a very different game plan. It will not be following the 1982 Tylenol model. Its game plan is more akin to what took place with its own painkiller, Vioxx, in 2005, which was also recalled. Vioxx was only recalled, however, after fraudulent marketing (said to be safer than the alternative painkiller, which was a total lie), fraudulent test reporting (they hid the number of people who died), and after killing more than 100,000 (some estimates are much higher). 


The 1982 Tylenol approach, long taught in business schools as a model way to conduct business, is out the window. Pfizer is using the 2005 Vioxx approach instead: fund doctors, fund hospitals, fund regulators, fund media, fund any imaginable watchdog over a certain size, fund both political parties and when it is time to answer for what happened, no one will look bad, no one will go to jail, and business will be booming again within a year. 


If anyone asks too many questions, just invent a new disease — SADS — and convince the public that it always existed. 


Pfizer learned an important lesson from the 1982 Tylenol recall: if you pay off more people who motivated the recall — doctors, emergency rooms, media, and many layers of government — then there will be no structures in society left to call for the recall. 


This Would All Be So Sad, Except…


This would all be so sad if not for writers like me and readers like you. Those who want the truth can access the truth. 


That is why I write this email newsletter. That is why I write books like Face Masks in One Lesson and Face Masks Hurt Kids. That is why I write my column, publish at substack, do media interviews, teach courses, and give public speeches. 


You see, in the long list of regulators mentioned above, the central planners thought as central planners are prone to think and forgot one important list of regulators, the most important on the list — the market regulators — you and me. The free people, making free decisions. As much as they have tried to disincentivize that important work we do, they have overwhelmingly failed at silencing the massive voices of dissent, dissent that can be as simple as saying “No, thank you.” That dissent can also be so much more involved. 


Pfizer executives will not get away with the evils of 2020 and beyond the way they got away with the evils of Vioxx. Government will not. Doctors will not. There will be accountability before this period comes to an end. We will roll back tyranny to a level of freedom long unknown in the world. That will be one of the most miraculous outcomes of this tortured time we live through. 


Our systems have failed us, but as you and I walk through life we are making new systems and some of us are also busy recapturing the old. 


Stakes are high, but the truth is, it is a beautiful time we live in. It would be so much more dark without people like you and me meeting in places like this and then going out into the world and bringing about change. 


Thank you for that. 


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