Russia Hoax Coup Increased Chance of Nuclear War

The release of the Durham report was a complete vindication of President Trump regarding the silly Russia collusion mind virus that was perpetrated on the American people. The Russia collusion hoax damaged the United States on multiple levels. Through illegal activity the FBI undermined and delegitimized the Trump presidency. It was a coordinated conspiracy to sabotage the Trump campaign and then the Trump presidency involving the Clinton campaign, FBI, and the CIA.

The Clinton campaign essentially created a false narrative about Trump and Russia, colluding to steal the election, and the FBI, CIA, and government controlled media, collaborated in this hoax. Then after the election, the hoax continued to be perpetrated during the Trump presidency.

The plan by Hillary Clinton to create a false narrative that Trump colluded with Russia, was briefed by CIA Director Brennen in Aug 2016 to then President Obama, Vice President Biden, Attorney General Lynch, and FBI Director Comey. These conspirators knew about it and were in on it. The media also obviously collaborated with this crime against the United States. Steel was paid by Hillary to create the false narrative, then the FBI paid the source for the Steel dossier 220,000, then proposed another 300,000 to remain silent during the Durham investigation. The FBI also colluded to censor American citizens on Twitter.

Yes, that is how corrupt the whole thing was!

Make no mistake about it, these intelligence agencies, and the conspirators involved, committed treason against the United States. They used the government to interfere with an election and undermined the legitimacy of the presidency during his four year term. Durham’s report was condemning and vindicated Trump. Yet, Durham has faced criticism for not prosecuting anyone for treason.

As a candidate for president, Donald Trump separated himself from the Uniparty in that he campaigned on stopping illegal immigration, what he considered to be an America first trade policy, and a more on noninterventionist foreign policy. As a candidate, Trump had even indicated a goal of improved relations with Russia. He had some crazy idea that would make sense to avoid potential nuclear war.

How was that goal impacted by the Russia collusion hoax?

The media, the conspirators in government and in the Democratic party, portrayed Trump as a puppet of Putin. As incredibly stupid as this allegation was, they repeated this lie until enough people believed it. Essentially, the democratic party got totally conned into hating Russia for stealing the election and putting the evil Trump in office.

When it came time to push the insane Ukraine proxy war against Russia, Democrats who were totally brain washed easily bought into the idea that Putin was the next Hitler and had to be stopped. After all, it was his fault Trump got elected. The evil puppet master had to be stopped. Then we saw all the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ signs and the ensuing propaganda such as the ‘The Ghost of Kiev’ nonsense reminiscent of the Jessica Lynch GI Jane gulf war propaganda hoax.

All these people saw was Putin bad. Russia bad. There was no discernment on what would be a proper response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There was no understanding that the conflict really began back in 2014 when the Obama administration successfully ousted the pro Russian president of Ukraine. There was no understanding of the 1000 year history between Russians and Ukrainians and some serious racial or ethnic hatred between the two. There was no consideration that the continued expansion of NATO eastward against Russian objections, and threatening to include Ukraine in NATO, was provoking Russia. There was no consideration of the folly of fighting a proxy war in the neighboring country to the country with the most nuclear weapons in the world.

The proper response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have been to call them a few names, and then work feverishly to deescalate the situation, likely by ceding the Russian speaking parts of the country to Russia, and guaranteeing no further NATO expansion. Avoiding global nuclear war should have been the number one priority. These simple realities were not seen because the only thing most Democrats saw was ‘Putin bad’.

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