Rules for Buyers

We have rules for buyers to keep our market safe and fair for all parties.

Buyer behavior that is NOT allowed and considered abusive behavior :

1. Demanding something not in the listing
2. Threatening a poor review or in any way attempting to blackmail seller
3. Abusing return policies of your cardholder or our service by for instance beginning a chargeback through your card provider in an attempt to circumvent seller return policies. All return requests should be made directly to the seller and comply with their terms.
4. Failure to take responsibility for reading and understanding what you buy before you buy it. Your purchase is a contact with the seller. If you bought it and didn’t bother to be sure you know what you are buying or what the seller’s return terms are, then the fault lies with you if the item was as described. Many sellers may still accept the return, you should contact them and ask.
5. Don’t make false claims
6. Don’t attempt to use returns as a cash scheme, you will be reported.
7. Your return must comply with the seller terms. Returns must be received by the seller in it’s original condition and within the specified time. If the returned item is used or damaged due being poorly packaged for return or your use, the seller may reduce the amount of your refund to cover the damage to their product.
8. You are responsible for your login and banking information security. Do not share your login or bank information with anyone. If someone has purchased using your account or your card without your permission notify us and we will take action to secure your account or login.
9. If you have a problem with porch theft it is your responsibility to request special shipping options such as signature verification or specifying a safe method of delivery and paying any additional charges that apply. If the seller has proof the item was delivered we accept that proof. It must be the buyer’s responsibility to secure the item upon arrival since seller cannot control that.
10. Frequent returns due to your errors may result in us refusing you service.

We will refuse service to abusive buyers.

Our desire to keep a fair and free marketplace for all participants. If abuse by either party is allowed it wastes too much of our resources and reduces the value of our market.