Rothschild a History of Colonization -Who Is Running the Show

The Partitioning Agreements of the Ottoman Empire began 2-3 years BEFORE it fell.  France and Britain were at the forefront of the Land Grabs.   Initially, the Russian Empire was involved in the partitioning agreements and allocations were to be:  western Armenia, Constantinople, and the Turkish Straits (which had already been promised under the 1915 Constantinople Agreement).  Britain was supposed to get Iran, and France was to get Syria, Palestine, and Cilicia.  The Bolsheviks severed the Russian Empire’s claim, and Rothschild wanted Palestine under British rule for dispensation to him.

The Ottoman Empire had attempted an alliance with Britain to no avail, then with France, Russia and Germany – to no avail.   Why?  Because the Club wanted the Ottoman land for themselves. Syria remained a French colony until 1946.   Iran gained independence from the UK in 1979 – after the Shah was deported.   Palestine was given to Rothschild.  And Turkey became the mini-me Ottoman Empire.

Land Grabs were the mainstay after WWII by the same actors rearranging the monopoly board;   Britain, France, and the US.  It wasn’t their first dance in the park.   Global colonization was initiated by the Rothschilds as they viewed Africa an easy target of spears and ignorant tribesmen:

In 1884 the Scramble for Africa was initiated. Thirteen European countries and the United States met in Berlin to agree to the rules of African colonization – African’s need not apply. From 1884 to 1914 the continent was mired in conflicts as these countries took territory and power from existing African states and peoples.

By 1900, Britain alone had colonized 30% of Africa via:   Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Gambia, Sierra Leone, northwestern Somalia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, and Malawi.  Nathan de Rothschild financed Cecil Rhodes in his quest to conquer Africa and secure their resources for the UK.  Resources included, gold, diamonds, utilization of forced labor, ie slaves, etc…

America is rich in resources.  Many of these resources have been capped by the Biden Handler Regime as Americans are forcefully squeezed and illegal migrants are brought into the US for slave labor. Once successfully planted, the migrants will work the resources for the benefit of – The Rothschild Club Cartel.   Just as they did in Africa.

Where does Canada stand in this diaspora of colonialism?

Canada is a colony of the UK.   Their Parliament is a façade.   Run by the British and French Rothschilds.   Their PM is a self proclaimed Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, blackman, buddhist, brit cross-dresser who wears fancy pants wigs.   In mid 2023, Rothschild and Co privatized the company for greater transparency…:

The Dassault, Peugeot and Wertheimer families, along with Giammaria Giuliani of Italy will back the offer by the Rothschilds’ holding company Concordia of €48.0 per share, reflecting a valuation of about €3.7 billion for the historic firm.   Their office in Toronto is slowly being liquidated as are various offices in London.  Alex Graham, the head of the Toronto office for just 2 years has left as of February 2024 as the company has been mired in a ‘deal-making slump’ while it infests the world.

Since 2020, Italy’s exports to Canada have increased by nearly 50%.   As many as 50,000 Chinese live and work in the area of Prato – northern Italy, making clothes bearing the prized “Made in Italy” label.   Most of the ‘workers’ are illegal – live in boxes inside the factories, and pay no taxes.   Italy’s  PM Meloni seems oblivious to this slave commodity and encourages more trade with Canada.

Meloni was branded a Movement – for the glory of Italy – she was titled president of the European Conservatives and Reformists.   Yet, Meloni has been an avid Fascist since she was 15, and this is ‘acceptable’.  ~Britannica.

Pro-Ukraine to the point of putting her citizen’s money where her mouth is – Meloni periodically sends Zelenskyy more money and pays a visit on occasion given there is no war going on.   Meloni is in The World Economic Forum – Club.    Italy’s economy is sluggish at best.  But not to worry, the gypsy predictors have decided that ‘investment will move higher in 2025’ although nominal GDP will remain flat.

Technically, I don’t think that is possible…more money into the economy means higher GDP…

For a woman whose role in her own country is seemingly minimal, Meloni is garnering ‘attention’.  More so – which lays heavily on curiosity.   Which would normally lean to her taking a more prominent role… perhaps replacing old, decrepit, fat, Hillary.  Because anyone who has imbibed with a Soros – becomes a Soros.  And like gangs – once inside you can never leave.

Of course, Meloni parallels Melei. 

So what’s up?

A presidential election will take place in Mexico this June.   Two of the candidates are women.  One a man:  Claudia Sheinbaum is a leftist secular Ashkenazi Jew who was inserted by Soros, having contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and was nominated for a World Mayor Prize along with other notable recipients John Hickenlooper, Gavin Newsom, and Cory Booker.   All Democrats.

Xochitl Galvez is the alternate female candidate.   She is a WEF member.

These younger newcomers are coordinated.   They are smart.   Confident.  And have pledged their soul’s allegiance to The Club.   However, like AI, their actions are only as good as their programmers.   The Club has no intention of ever handing over the baton – these are Dynasties – they do not mingle with the heathen.   The heathen operate much like Hollywood stand-ins.  They are nothing more than props.   And this is managed with palming the hand – money.  

Because smart does not equate to wise.  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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