Ron Paul’s Vindication Is Complete

It’s funny how many positions Ron Paul was pilloried and ridiculed for that have since become things “everybody knows.”

Dr. Paul was a crank and a traitor for not supporting the war in Iraq. Now, everyone but the most bitter dead-ender admits what a horror show that was.

Dr. Paul blamed the Federal Reserve System for the crash of 2008. That made him a crank because in those days nobody talked about the Fed. Even those supposedly edgy right-wing radio shows never mentioned it — or, if we’re being honest, really knew what it was.

So only a raving “conspiracy theorist” would even bring it up.

Today, those same people are harsh critics of the Fed.

You can only imagine what the gatekeepers of Conservatism, Inc., had to say about Dr. Paul’s views on health and “public health.” Well, they’re not saying those things anymore.

(Incidentally, who in Washington was the best on Covid? Rand Paul in the Senate, and Thomas Massie in the House — both of whom were part of the Ron Paul Revolution. No coincidence.)

Why do I mention this?

On the Tom Woods Show I recently had a chance to talk to Steve Deace, who has a popular program on The Blaze.

I first got to know Steve many years ago, when he was a popular radio host in Iowa whose endorsement was widely sought in advance of the Iowa caucuses.

Steve was much better than Mitt Romney, to be sure, but he still had one foot in the GOP establishment.

I’d been on his show over the years to promote a few of my books, and we got along well. We agreed on a lot.

But he couldn’t live with Ron Paul’s foreign policy, and a few other things.

So I went on his show in 2011 to make the case for Ron Paul to his largely evangelical audience. I’m not an evangelical myself, but I can explain the merits of Dr. Paul’s ideas to any audience.

I did not succeed in converting Steve then and there. But in the years that have gone by, he has done much soul-searching, and there’s no doubt where he stands today.

He now describes the war in Iraq as the greatest foreign-policy disaster of our lifetimes, and the Covid response as the greatest domestic disaster.

He is co-author of a new book called Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism With a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again.

It’s a stunning book, but of course I couldn’t share my interview with him on YouTube, since YouTube doesn’t believe in allowing adults to have conversations about serious issues.

Specifically, much of the book deals with the Covid shots, which are a holy sacrament for Big Tech.

So I’m bypassing the typical outlets and bringing my conversation with Steve directly to you.

Enjoy, and please subscribe (for free, of course) to the Tom Woods Show while you’re there:

One other thing: Laura Davidson, who’s a member of my School of Life program, just released a truly excellent book called The Logic of Freedom: Free Will, Human Nature, and the Rational Argument for a Genuinely Free World.

She takes on the claim that human beings lack free will and that our actions are all determined — an argument that she says can lead to relativism or nihilism. Her book discusses why human beings are meant to be free, what it means for human happiness, and why libertarianism is the only political philosophy in keeping with our humanity and laws of nature. It starts with proving we have free will.

I first learned about Laura many years ago when I started seeing her technical articles in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. They were so good that I wondered if “Laura Davidson” was a pen name — could someone so brilliant have really escaped my attention like this?

For an extremely brief window the Kindle version of her book is a mere $2.99, so I recommend grabbing it:


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