RFK Jr’s Retirement Gift for Fauci

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Last weekend I was in Phoenix for the Mises Institute’s 40th anniversary supporters summit. What a great time.

In addition to my luncheon tribute to Lew Rockwell, who was to receive an award that night (see the medal in the photo), I also participated in a panel on revisionist history.

Revisionism is a neutral term. There is good revisionism and bad revisionism. “Revisionism” simply means taking a second look at the historical record.

And why wouldn’t we? We see in real time how the official media distorts everything. Even the headlines themselves are propaganda these days. Without revisionism, today’s headlines become tomorrow’s history.

If you think you can’t trust CNN, well, the American historical profession is the equivalent of CNN anchors reporting on really old things.

One consolation of living in 2022 is that we get to see revisionism in action in real time. We don’t have to wait years and years for revisionist historians to get to work.

Covid revisionism occurred right before our eyes, as the good guys fact-checked every word from Fauci.

Ukraine/Russia revisionism likewise. Covington Catholic High School revisionism, too. And housing bubble revisionism. I wrote the book on that last one (Meltdown) while the crisis was still happening.

Well, the great revisionist work of our time is about to get a major boost.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has just completed a documentary version of his book The Real Anthony Fauci.

Now that’s a great book (I interviewed him on the Tom Woods Show about it, in fact), but you and I know the problem with long books — people don’t read them.

But they might watch a documentary.

The free viewing period begins on Monday.

With Fauci about to retire, you can expect intolerable hagiography all over the media. RFK, Jr., intends to throw cold water on all that, and I want to do everything I can to help.

To be able to watch The Real Anthony Fauci for free, click here:


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