Redemption? 60yrs After the Deep State Coup…

Since the dark day in Dallas that ended Camelot and post WW2 American exuberance, hope upon hope has dreamed of and waited for a return to those glory days.  There was a glimmer of hope when Donald Trump tried to “drain the swamp,” but alas the swamp drained The Donald.  We sunk into the ooze with Covid, Ukraine and unmatched treasons in high places.  Now hope springs eternal, again, in the form of “Son of Secretariat;”  RFK Jr. who has spent his life in the shadow of family assassinations.

Like common sense Ralph Nader, antiwar soldier Tulsi Gabbard and swamp-drainer Trump; Bobby Kennedy is being ravaged by the State Media. >>> That’s the tell! >>>  You can not oppose the Military/Pharmaceutical/ Media Censorship Complex…the real Pentagon/ CIA/FBI/neocon axis of evil.  Full-on defense by The Deep State means it is scared and in its death throes; a decaying empire long masquerading as a “democracy.”  The symptoms are as clear as with the Fall of Rome, marked by military overextension, hyperinflation, in-migration, diminishing natural resources and lavish corruption among the elite……

November 22, 1963 was “The Day the Music Died,” the Coup that changed everything.  Since the day the swine took control, our middle class has been destroyed along with free speech and the right to privacy as regime-change operations and wars scoured the globe.  Corporate power expanded, controlling food/drugs/energy/information and luring every sleazy politician wanting to join the porkers.  They mastered shakedown schemes and fed the cancerous and corrupt bureaucracies…budgets be damned, they just printed more money for more inflation.  Empty toxic foods filled with sugar and deadly vegetable oils, industrial pollution, mandatory childhood vaxxxinations and drug-only “healthcare” proliferated making the public unhealthy, weak minded and compliant.  A nation must be misinformed and mentally incapacitated to willingly accept being so obviously and terribly deceived…Autistic Nation!

Our billionaire elite commandeered wealth and lands at the expense of the working/farming class.  Economic pressures destroyed families, frustrated young adults and fostered depression/addiction, homelessnes, crime, violence and suicide.  People have become more divided, isolated and totally money-oriented, losing all the social benefits of a spiritually evolving civilization.  Now that almost everyone has been subjected to an intentionally released lab created virus, a toxic vaxxxine and devastating lockdowns; too few have the body voltage, IQ and testicular fortitude to run the gangsters out of D.C and our State Houses.

Higher Education?

The Department of “Education,” along with our corrupted overpriced university system and government student loan racket share responsibility for perpetuating imperial control, scientific orthodoxy and institutional stupidity….Diplomas and letters separate the “professional” class from essential bricklayers and garbagemen as an employment and economic filter giving employers overseer power.  Fortunes are stolen from family savings “for the privilege” of sending their kids to state indoctrination camps.  Given the declining conditions of American life, one may question the practical value of “highly advanced” law, medicine, agriculture, and food science to society. AI will undoubtedly rely on their “official facts.”

 * (As with religions, academic and scientific orthodoxy is meant to prolong the power, prestige and profits of those who would set their ideas in stone.  Chemical agriculture, a better mousetrap too far, does not produce “live soil” or clean food of better quality; it produces tons of volume and money…..Similarly drug-medicine is symptom and profit driven, yet never addresses the quality of “human soil” like highly skilled natural methods do.  

     Since financial interests are involved, perpetuating phony intellectual superiority and cash-flow just anchors us in time.  That which favors the mining of earth’s resources and human labor neither serves our environment or the ascent of mankind. 

     Through study, personal experimentation, deconstruction and synthesis; technologies founded on calcified “The Science” have proven wrong on all counts while finding cheap simple solutions for plant, animal and human health and disease..Attention to nutrition, detoxification, emotional states, lifestyle choices and supplementation covers most of the bases…so..It is wise to avoid any belief-based version of reality to arrive at deeper truths.  Truth is rarely found in the common narrative or a pricey pill.)


Besides the corporate capture of our officials and CIA control of media mouthpieces, Washington is infected by Manchurian Candidates and foreign agents with unelected neocon warmongers behind every bush and medical “Mengeles” running the CDC & FDA…  spreading their disease throughout the mainstream mind.  Greased by money or controlled through blackmail, this tenacious virus is out of control.  Only a complete purge of imbedded malevolent actors will save the country from ruin.

Perhaps the most costly and serious threat to America are neocon warmongers.  They spread a hyper-neurotic fear that China, Russia and Muslim nations are “out to get us.”  Endlessly repeated imaginary threats have morphed into an aggressive offensive including inane sanctions, weapons building, dangerous brinkmanship and a strike-first mentality.  We accepted the Iraq invasion on ginned-up neocon hysteria of Arab Terrorism following 9/11, then on into Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and weapons for the Saudis to flatten Yemen.  Qui Bono, Just who benefitted? 

As soon as the Middle East nightmare was ending, Russia became the fear-focus for a proxy war in Ukraine.  Meanwhile China paranoia over Taiwan and the South China Sea saw a provocative naval buildup until Chinese and Russian ships “threatened” Alaska!  Now hair-on-fire neocons are drooling over the prospect of a planet-ending world war.

Neocon scum have no place directing our foreign policy, and we all know who they are! Their minions are on EVERY network drawing sympathy for “the poor Ukranians” in what must be the greatest psyop ever staged since covid. They are the defense freaks in congress constantly demonizing other nations and calling for bigger Pentagon budgets…They are the owners of media giants; Hollywood, consolidated TV, radio, print and digital outlets…They are the news anchors, pundits, “ex”-intelligence operatives, retired generals and celebrities who are always full of crap…They are the bankers, financials and insurers…They head the bloated bureaucracies and NSA “security” state…They infest the White House and State Department like bed bugs, where every move is designed to terrorize the American public and promote the illusion they control the planet.  Staged false-flag events have been so numerous throughout our history that no military attack, assassination, insurrection or “natural” disaster like flood, hurricane or “wildfire” can be taken at face value. They mind-poison your neighbors too, too scared to smell the coffee.

Make Sausage!

After trillions got printed for elite interests, billions are then thrown at resultant poverty and homelessness, while “allowing” or actually facilitating imported fentanyl, heroine and tranq as “final solutions” to a glut of unneeded unwanted undesirables.  The media fueled Race/LGBTQ Industry creates false victimhood among believing minorities who then feel entitled to demonstrate, riot, loot and shoot.. reinforcing the media circle-jerk. TV news and advertising now display upside-down demographics that promote reverse racism and white guilt. Woke Diversity Equity Inclusion has superseded affirmative action to fast-track mediocrity.  Distractions and divisions accomplished. Check!

It would be the ultimate in poetic justice for Bobby Kennedy to become President, but I’d lay odds at 100 to 1…not holding my breath.  I once put fifty sesterces on Spartacus who unfortunately came in last,.. dead.

I neither expect legitimate nominations nor a fair election nor a miracle given our utterly corrupt system.  Was it Ross Perot who said that fixing the system was like making sausage?…Messy yes, but the sausage must get made!

Orwell, “You sonofab….h!”

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