Power and Strategy of False Narratives

This is an essay which focuses on the power of false narratives, using a recent example from my own experience to illustrate the media ecosystem (large and small) which powers these. My objective is to help you, the reader, better understand how this works, and what you can do to “immunize” yourself from the power of false narratives.

Consider this a case study with observations and conclusions.

“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systemic plan of reducing us to slavery”

Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British America

Saturday, while on stage with Dr. Paul Marik preparing to speak at a local event hosted by the Virginia Medical Freedom alliance, entitled Virginia’s COVID Management: A Public Forum, I received a text from a close colleague (who I will not name). The key points here are that this friendly advice came into my mental space at a very inopportune time (as I was mentally preparing for a presentation to a sold out crowd), but was delivered by personal text from a trusted colleague and supporter, so I felt it necessary to read and respond (by text, while on stage).

I get a fair number of these bits of friendly advice. Many see and respond to the damage being done by the various forms of the promoted narrative asserting that I am “controlled opposition”, and which circulate in the dark crevices of the web. Many offer advice for how I should or should not respond (which advice is often contradictory). I listen to all, and then have to integrate all of this into evolving strategy and tactics for the unrestricted information/media war battlefront that I deal with on a daily basis. There are no textbooks or manuals for how to manage these types of situations, and so I have to learn by trial and error. Hopefully we can both learn a bit from examining the following case study.

Walk with me for a while, and put yourself in my shoes- Here comes the text message…

Time for damage repair:

Having witnessed and participated in many high profile scandals where a person required media damage control, I have a few suggestions for you. Some of these might not land yet as they are outside of your current belief system. But in witnessing your humble journey of awakening to new realities I will offer these ideas with the hope that you will soon open to these possibilities.

I’ll be blunt, because our friendship calls for it:

1. The day you walk back the idea that some people benefit from covid vaccines is the day things turn in a powerfully good direction for you. It’s this statement that sustains much of the distrust. Like the Trump dilemma, we all can see that if he simply apologized for praising the vaccines he would win back half the country. Same for you. My guess is that you’ve held onto this position, consciously or unconsciously, to avoid being labeled an anti-vaxxer. I trust that you believe it to be true or you wouldn’t be saying it. However, it would do you much good to reconsider. I held that belief until 2021. I’m now crystal clear that NO ONE, not even the elderly, should be inoculated for COVID. I also once bought into the lies that vaccines eradicated such threats as polio. Maybe you already know the truth about this? If not, the evidence is solid against that narrative. I’m now of the belief that only under very rare circumstances should any child or adult be vaccinated for any reason. Most of the doctors I’ve interviewed have arrived there as well.

2. Breggin will have no platform to slander you from should you (and Mattias) make a public statement that counters the idea that you support the term “mass formation psychosis.” The addition of psychosis to that phrase has caused psychiatrist like Breggin to protect against what they fear is the “ weaponization of psychiatry.” I know Mattias (and I assume you) is against the use of the word, but it needs to be made very clear out there. Apparently, in the documentary that featured the both of you, there was something said in jest about the use of “ psychosis.“ I’ve not seen this moment, but from what I’ve heard, the way this was expressed, with laughter, has raised concerns that it was an intentional ploy to gain attention. Does Mattias say something to the effect of, “it made me famous?” That’s was one persons interpretation, which might be totally off. I don’t know.

3. This one is for Matias: he should make it clear that in his book he did not intend to take attention away from the genocide committed by Hitler. Breggin and one other Jewish person I’ve spoken with felt that he left the blame on the victims and not the man who organized the holocaust. This is a very delicate subject to approach as you know. Jews are quick to condemn anyone who dare attempt to examine the many ways we the people enable the Hitlers of the world. I find Mattias’ perspective critical to prevent these things from occurring again. But it would serve him to publicly state the obvious loud and clearly. I’m sure he’s done this by now, but it must be done in a way that reaches beyond limited platforms. I’m open to mediating a Zoom with the both of you.

All for now. Thank you for taking this in!

Well there it is. The false narrative being promoted by detractors has come back at me stated as truth from a supporter, who (with the best of intent) is offering to mediate a resolution to a bunch of lies. And having read it while on the stage getting ready to speak, I decided to respond. That was probably the wrong decision, but this text message was like a mind worm – once infected, my mind could not let it rest. I felt compelled to respond, while on the stage awaiting my time to talk. Bad decision, and I own that.

As the dogs woke me up early Sunday, this exchange was the first thing that came to my mind. What does this really mean, in terms of what is going on at present?

First, let’s examine the facts pertaining to the text message:

Point 1: See the attached video (above) from the Global COVID Summit / Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists. This press conference and video was first posted May 11, 2022. Here is the text of the declaration, which I was deeply involved in developing and editing together with many other physicians and medical scientists. Pretty strong stuff, and pretty edgy for May 11, 2022.

Point #1 is clearly based on a lie that is being promoted by someone or some group that seeks to sow division.

17,000 physicians and medical scientists declare that the state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.

We, the physicians and medical scientists of the world, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath, recognize that the disastrous COVID-19 public health policies imposed on doctors and our patients are the culmination of a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions, along with the financial trusts which control them. They have infiltrated our medical system at every level, and are protected and supported by a parallel alliance of big tech, media, academics and government agencies who profited from this orchestrated catastrophe.

This corrupt alliance has compromised the integrity of our most prestigious medical societies to which we belong, generating an illusion of scientific consensus by substituting truth with propaganda. This alliance continues to advance unscientific claims by censoring data, and intimidating and firing doctors and scientists for simply publishing actual clinical results or treating their patients with proven, life-saving medicine. These catastrophic decisions came at the expense of the innocent, who are forced to suffer health damage and death caused by intentionally withholding critical and time-sensitive treatments, or as a result of coerced genetic therapy injections, which are neither safe nor effective.

The medical community has denied patients the fundamental human right to provide true informed consent for the experimental COVID-19 injections. Our patients are also blocked from obtaining the information necessary to understand risks and benefits of vaccines, and their alternatives, due to widespread censorship and propaganda spread by governments, public health officials and media. Patients continue to be subjected to forced lock-downs which harm their health, careers and children’s education, and damage social and family bonds critical to civil society. This is not a coincidence. In the book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, leadership of this alliance has clearly stated their intention is to leverage COVID-19 as an “opportunity” to reset our entire global society, culture, political structures, and economy.

Our 17,000 Global COVID Summit physicians and medical scientists represent a much larger, enlightened global medical community who refuse to be compromised, and are united and willing to risk the wrath of the corrupt medical alliance to defend the health of their patients.

The mission of the Global COVID Summit is to end this orchestrated crisis, which has been illegitimately imposed on the world, and to formally declare that the actions of this corrupt alliance constitute nothing less than crimes against humanity.

We must restore the people’s trust in medicine, which begins with free and open dialogue between physicians and medical scientists. We must restore medical rights and patient autonomy. This includes the foundational principle of the sacred doctor-patient relationship. The social need for this is decades overdue, and therefore, we the physicians of the world are compelled to take action.

After two years of scientific research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared, we have demonstrated and documented our success in understanding and combating COVID-19. In considering the risks versus benefits of major policy decisions, our Global COVID Summit of 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from all over the world have reached consensus on the following foundational principles:

We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.
We declare doctors should not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatment.
We declare the state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated.
We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel and social restrictions must cease.
We declare masks are not and have never been effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus in the community setting.
We declare funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.
We declare no opportunity should be denied, including education, career, military service or medical treatment, over unwillingness to take an injection.
We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government, technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights be upheld.
We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.
We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.

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