Pope Francis Welcomes ‘Transgender’ People as Godparents

“An historic step forward.” That’s how Jimmy “Bridge to Hell” Martin praised it. Pope Francis has committed yet another “heresy of practice.”

What just happened?

In a document issued only in Italian (since no one in Rome seems to know the Roman language any more), two kinds of persons are put forth and “welcomed” and given roles in the Church without a clear and firm purpose of amendment. The bottom line is that this exposes children to the transgender tyranny that has already been invading our public libraries in the United States.

Now this tyranny is coming to a parish near you!

The first case is the transessuale which the document defines as a person che si fosse anche sottoposto a trattamento ormonale e ad intervento chirurgico di riattribuzione di sesso (“who has also undergone hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery”). Pentin translates and defines this person as “an adult who identifies as transgender.”

The document says, yes, such persons can be baptized under the same conditions as the faithful, by using a technicality from St. Thomas: the baptismal, sanctifying grace is “stopped” when a person is baptized by remains in mortal sin, but the indelible character is still given.

This is how heretics can be fully baptized but not be Catholics. Once the impediment of mortal sin – heresy- is removed from them, the baptismal grace is “activated” as it were, and they are washed as any of us are.

Buttressing this technicality the document quotes Francis in his error already condemned by other bishops that the Sacraments should be given even without a firm purpose of amendment if there’s any doubt about someone subjective culpability.

What this amounts to is lowering the bar as low as possible so that wounded souls who have mutilated themselves and not repented of this act against nature can be baptized in hopes that they will some day repent.

The document emphasises that the Church should continue to propose the truth to these people, but the door has been opened to their baptism without repentance.

Once this is established, the document gives a carte blanche to persons like this – who have no “manifest purpose of amendment” – for becoming godparents and witnesses to marriage.

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