Polio, Monkeypox, New Hot Zones of Viruses and Endless Vaccines

It’s Not Over

OPERATION PERMANENT LANDSCAPE: How the Planners Are Installing a Present and Future of Fake Viruses, Deadly RNA Injections, Fear, and Medical Slavery for Planet Earth

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The subject of this podcast is gigantic.

In the wake of COVID, we’re already seeing the technocrats push monkeypox and polio as the next outbreaks.

They’ve buttoned up a national bureaucracy of TESTING, also known as self-fulfilling prophecy, which will claim to find viruses everywhere. Right now, their NATIONAL target is SEWAGE. Perfect for suddenly locking down whole communities, cities, and even states: “we found the virus in the waste water system.” Bang.

They’re like rats, combing sewage for what they now claim is evidence of polio virus—and they’re just getting started. They’re going to explore land, sea, air, and even outer space to discover more viruses.

Fake viruses.

Which is why I absolutely refuse to stop showing that virology is a false science, a trap, a device for mind control, and a sophisticated propaganda machine. I’ll discuss this in the podcast.

I’ll also discuss how elite social movements which appear to be unrelated are actually feeding into the virus/RNA/vaccine operation. Climate change, systemic racism, transgenderism, open borders—they fertilize and expand MEDICAL CARTEL CONTROL. It’s vital to understand how this works.

The old saying, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME? Well, today all roads lead to MEDICAL ROME.

I warned of this starting back in 1988. I wrote and spoke about it extensively: Long term, the medical cartel is the most dangerously deceptive cartel in the world.

That statement was never truer than it is right now.

The planners are reveling in their ops—for a lot more than money and pharmaceutical profits. They’re after universal Pavlovian stimulus-response—in which the bulk of the human population treads a bleak road of virus-disease HOAXES and the treatment of those hoaxes with toxic, body-shredding, mentally disabling gene-based “vaccines.” I’ll definitely discuss this in the podcast.

Anthony Fauci was just one tinpot medical dictator in a long line of such planned dictators, set up to use “the religion of science” to impose medical tyranny and erase health, vitality, human energy, and well-being.

Disability is the new normal. I’ll describe how this SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CONSTRUCTION is the tip of the spear aimed at the heart of individual freedom and power. Its hidden purpose is destruction through targeted medical treatments.

RNA technology, which is the basis for the major COVID shots, has been forced through the regulatory approval portal for very good reasons. I’ll discuss those reasons.

And finally, I’ll describe the vast propaganda operation to defame, discredit, eradicate from memory, and kill off INDIVIDUAL POWER. That op is woven into the hyper-medicalized civilization we’re living in.

This podcast is a red alert. I’m covering and connecting continents of seemingly separate invasions of the human mind, body, and soul. They aren’t separate at all.

Join me.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

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