‘Plug and Play’ Guides US Domestic and Foreign Policy – and It’s Not Working

The Lockheed Martin USN Freedom Class ships, “plug and play” multi-use vessels costing half a billion each – first launched in 2006 – are all being decommissioned.  The weird thing is that one was just delivered less than six months ago, and as of August 2022, Lockheed was sending out the propulsion fixes for the rest of them, presumably to get them to the scrapyards.

This microdot of news flew under my radar, and it confirms what we already know about the US MICIMATT – it’s not just what we do and how we do it, it’s what’s allowed to be talked about.  These ships were all named after major US cities; a couple of mayors reacted with sadness.  Not disgusted at the insanity and waste, or dumfounded by the government process, just sad that a brand new $500 million ship with their town’s name on it is being junked.

“Plug and play,” as transmogrified by the crony capitalists and government bureaucrats, not only doesn’t work – it is a real danger to every American, and by extension the rest of the world.  In the marketplace, plug and play is efficient, flexible, and smart.  Upgrading, fixing, and modifying mission capability of products via open architecture software and hardware makes sense. The market likes the sim card model – rapid recognition and correction of problems, responding to consumer demand for performance, efficiency and cost – these are key to business success.  Plug and play has raised the bar of market performance, along with customer expectations.

Enter the US government, whose direct spending equates to 35% of the GDP – not counting moneys flowing from government to social security, poverty assistance, medicare, and government retirement programs that are also “spent” in our consumer oriented economy.

Government takes working business concepts like plug and play, and then eliminates every factor – manufacturer liability, market discipline, rapid customer feedback, and business risk – that made the concept effective. The government/political acquisition system then adds in guaranteed profit.  It ensures no one – in Congress, in the government, or in the country – has the slightest idea of the actual “price” of anything.

The way the government does ships and airplanes and bombs is also how it does modern “vaccines.” It indemnifies the contractors for accident, error and malfeasance, lawsuits, pays far above market for development and production, and then mandates “its citizens” utilize the product. The US government kindly includes – for defense, big pharma, big agriculture, big finance, etc – a vast array of propaganda to convince politicians, critics and taxpayers of many things that are simply not true.  State propaganda, delivered directly by government agencies and through state-connected companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and all US media corporations, is not just predictable, it is a dedicated part of the acquisition cycle.

Whether in the “this changes everything” B-21 bomber or for the failed Freedom Class ships, plug and play is problematic, for reasons mentioned above. The concept extends to US foreign policy as well. The apparent NATO “defense” program for Ukraine, consisting of all kinds of various equipment and weaponry from dozens of countries being scooped up and shipped to a muddy medieval battlefield hoping for the best, is a Vickie Nuland-style plug and play.  Her personal involvement in picking and choosing the “right” leaders in Kiev over the past decade is another example.  And that was only one of dozens of color revolutions and coups the US has fomented, as official US foreign policy. If we just plug in and remotely control another country’s government, that’ll work, right?

Designer RNA delivered into a human or animal system via patented lipid nanoparticles, by Pfizer’s own admission, is medical plug and play. There has been a long marriage between defense and pharmaceutical industries, and just like in a human marriage, these institutions are starting to look alike.

Bill Gates and Tony Fauci both seem to have become skeptics now, too late to save trillions in lost global productivity due to government lockdowns and mandates, countless families and communities and churches permanently damaged and divided, and too late to prevent the actual loss of life from the mandated practices, injections and policies.  The same system that produces lousy ships and useless airplanes also kills entire sectors of the economy, and human beings by the millions, with zero accountability, and not a single public hanging – as we now see three years post COVID.  Every risk and negative consequence socialized, every deep state criminal lauded and rewarded.

Our money is next, because a Federal Reserve CBDC is plug and play at its finest.  If the price of money – or how it is used – needs to be changed, this can be managed centrally and rapidly, with a software update.

And our cars. The State extremely interested in centrally and remotely managing our locations and our movements, whether via GPS tracking we can’t turn off one phones and in our vehicles, or insane federal pressure and subsidy for all-electric vehicles.

Unacceptable Jessica’s has been writing about how both state and federal governments are sharing data to criminalize the COVID unvaccinated. How?

… [T]hey can’t just change the definition, can they? Well, the definition for ‘vaccine’ has been officially re-defined 3 times for the sake up upholding the COVID mandates so why not the word criminal, as well?

Remember, this is being done because people chose natural immunity (or religious exemptions, or what have you) over being injected with experimental injectable products that:

have lamentable safety profiles
are ineffective at preventing transmission
are associated with higher rates of COVID and immune compromisation
are based on not one, but two entirely novel (to humans at mass scale in context of viral pathogen) technologies that utilize the introduction of the coding template of foreign genetic material from a pathogen by lipid nanoparticle carriers with known toxicity profiles.

Jessica Rose explains how government systems and agencies redefine what is and is not criminal – as needed – and use their data systems to destroy livelihoods, as well as individual agency and liberty. Authoritarian plug and play – be plugged in or you will not play – extends to any area where the state is concerned about citizen opposition and disobedience to unconstitutional overreach.

It is us against them, make no mistake. The DoT is now investigating Elon Musk for violating viral and bacteria import procedures that could, in theory, endanger a lab worker – while remaining silent, reliable, stand-up guys for the entire array of FDA, CDC, and HHS lies, risk, danger and death associated with government “gain of function” research, funded by their bureaucrats secretly and in direct opposition to the wishes of a sitting US president.

Here’s another example of deep state plug and play:  A handful of neocons and Joe Biden walk into a bar – no wait, that’s a different story.  A handful of neocons and Joe Biden decide to attack the energy supply of a fellow NATO member, secretly, and commit an act of war against Russia, all without sharing a whisper of it with Congress. They knew it was not only unconstitutional but an act of war when they thought it up, and when they did it – but this is the plug and play mentality that guides our late stage US imperial decision-makers.

It will be easy, they said.  It will be efficient, completely controllable, a remote “update” to our foreign policy, they said.

The US government is not in trouble because Joe Biden suffers Stage 6 dementia.  It is in trouble because – instead of the best and brightest, or even the worst and stupidest – the deep state is completely populated with human mynah birds – incessantly repeating things they hear – mimicking the real world of soldiers, engineers, designers, thinkers, builders and creators, and citizens – without the slightest bit of understanding or context.

Why would anyone consider themselves the subject of, or subject to, such a government?

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