Plastic Baggies and Prigozhins

The slapstick Secret Service has provided at least a week’s worth of global entertainment, and the greatest showman it ain’t.  We’ve all got a bitter taste on the tip of our tongues, and not the good kind.

Key #50 is missing. Still. What?

Kinda like the remote at our house, after the kid comes to visit.  We always remind him to put it back where the Grandpa and Grandma can find it, and well, we’re all just doing the best we can.

No fingerprints, no way to trace anything, we simply have “no idea” which one of the 500 possible cokeheads (or practice terrorists) in the White House that weekend did the dirty deed.  Getting some powder into that old moldy building almost sounds like a Squid Game challenge, and if so, did the Secret Service decide to change anything about their security practices?

It’s likely that procedures around one particular White House guest are going to be altered as a result.  We the people don’t need to know.

That’s what government fact checkers and disinformatzia kontrol is all about.  It’s for our own good.

Is Hunter Biden our very own Prigozhin-lite?  A close friend of the leadership for many years, who occasionally causes fireworks of national embarrassment and then disappears for a minute – with an apparent slap on the wrist, that nobody seems to understand?

I can’t speak for Prigozhin, and it’s certainly fun to watch and gossip about how other countries do their thing.  But as connected oligarchs and their brats go, Hunter Biden is one of the brightest stars.  Always stays out of jail, retains full contact with and public support of government leaders, has an uncanny ability to get his obligations paid, his art bought, his progeny denied, his coke supplies maintained, his crimes covered up, and all the while, the money flows – not due to hard work and talent, but as true to type, through the family connections.

Hey, he’s just a kid!  Daddy loves him.  It’s a story of many families in this country, except without the foreign millions and the law enforcement top cover.

Who will Putin hunt down and kill as a result of the last Saturday in June in Rostov-on-Don?  The gossip runs wild, and yet we already know the story in the US of our own home-grown cronies in and around the Biden family.  If you have evidence against a Biden, it’s you who will be hunted down and imprisoned and silenced and even killed.  I’m not keeping count, but in recent months we’ve had several examples.

Tara Reade says she was raped by then-Congressman Biden in 1993.  She was advised her life was in danger, and moved to Russia in May.   Now, no offense to Tara, but there have always been a lot of criminals in Congress, including sexual harassers and rapists. Political power brokers going after people who are exposing or planning to expose their crimes is not unprecedented – it’s completely normal, to the point of being habitual.  It’s criminal and it’s very much part of the American experience.  Otherwise, we would not need so-called whistleblower protection legislation and endless debate about which whistleblower gets what protection. People, “Getting Jimmy Hoffa’ed” and “Epstein didn’t kill himself” are part of our national lexicon for a reason.

Assange remains under US indictment for imaginary and non-existent crimes.  There was and remains no basis for the charges dreamed up by Obama and Biden, an indictment that would never stand up in a fair court – or one that applied the same rules to government misconduct.  The Assange case entirely rests on the fact that embarrassing and exposing the state is the only true capitol crime, and the only one the state takes seriously.

Biden is all about getting back a Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, but is silent when his Kiev pal in the tight T-shirt jails and isolates American reporter Gonzalo Lira for saying that Ukraine is doesn’t allow free speech. The hypocrisy drips.

It’s just state business, just like the new indictments against Gal Luft.  The DoJ and the FBI join the CIA in protecting state criminals, as Rothbard called “the gang of thieves writ large.”  We call it “weaponizing the law.” It’s as old as time.  St Augustine noticed 1600 years ago that empires are nothing but piracy writ large.  It’s hilarious that when you search “weaponizing the law” you pull up a bunch of references to banana republics and dictator-run states.

Welcome to America, one that many are waking up to for the first time.  It’s a crime family op, with crime family rules.  It’s nice that we can look around the world at all the “bad governments” – some our empire’s enemies, and some our empire’s pals, and comfort ourselves that we don’t live under that kind of shitty undemocratic corruption.  But of course we do.  Our predatory, corrupt, and corrupted empire is exactly our own, and it’s turning inward to devour the last morsel.  The rest of the world has good people suffering for the most part from their own bad governments, but both the ruled and the rulers abroad are together recognizing the real danger of our sick and starving beast of an empire, and they are planning to be out of the way when it first devours the rest of us, and breathes its last fetid breath over a North American wasteland.

The rest of the world doesn’t trust the US government, and they see the cracks in the plaster.  Until a majority of Americans can see more than just the crack, and do more than just chuckle at the keystone cops running the joint, we are all going to be in big trouble.

Wait – between the two of them, the indomitable and boisterous Trump – a direct target of the state’s wrath and rage – and the delightfully honest and rational Bobby Kennedy, Jr – with his opposition to the thug state and his insistence on transparency as the cure for all our national ills – they have the majority of American voters on their side.

As of today, neither will be allowed to be president, if the thug state has its way.  When you hear Joe Biden advising that Progozhin needs to be careful of what he eats and drinks, it’s not just Prigozhin he’s warning.

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