Perception Can Be Reality, and Reality Can Be Perception: So What Is Real?

 “Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

Lao Tzu

I guess this subject boils down to the obvious truth, that one sees what he wants to see, whether or not reality, logic, and conscience, are in direct contradiction to that perception. This is a natural human reaction, although it is not any preferred method of deduction if honesty and responsibility are desired. In this so-called modern age, it seems that everything has become perception, as most hide from any uncomfortable truth or reality in an effort to shift all responsibility away from themselves in favor of a tyrannical governing system. So long as the compliant dolts of this society believe they are free when they are not, they will take the easy way, accept all government stipends, follow all the ‘rules,’ and pretend that they are happy, because they will not have to make any decision for themselves. Truth and risk, you see, are not accepted by most, and this is a recipe for totalitarian rule to prosper.

Some great philosophers of the past, have posited that there is no truth; that everything is illusion. But we do have this life, and it is as real as is possible, because it is the only thing of which all are certain. The meaning of life is a different story, but then, that is a subject meant to belittle the time we have on this earth, and not in any way something that can be fully understood; at least not in our current state of consciousness. There lies the contradiction. We all know we are alive, if for no other reason than we awaken every morning to the only life we know, so why not accept that knowledge, and make of  it something of value, instead of becoming a cog in the wheel of time without individual worth and purpose. Is this not a truth we can accept?

Since none of us can ‘fix’ or change another to suit our perception of the desirable human, and can only change ourselves, why not concentrate on individual awareness and improvement, instead of wasting our time in any effort to force upon others our perception of reality? Each of us, you see, is unique, so each of us has to come to our conclusions alone, for if worrying about the perceived flaws of others consumes one’s mind, how can one improve self and find happiness in life? Obviously, this would require that no aggression be present, and from what is reality, we all know that non-aggression is not universal in nature, so conflict will arise. The true test of man then, is to learn how to respect the thinking and opinions of all others, unless aggression is at hand.

This attitude of peaceful anarchy allows for a general environment of calm and harmony, so long as aggression is not tolerated. That means first, that rule and governing has to become obsolete for all those who choose that path, and any who choose voluntarily to live under a master or government, may certainly do so, if and only if, their preferred system is not forced on any who do not willingly accept it.

Poppycock you say; humans cannot live without governments. Who would build roads, who would make ‘laws,’ who would give everyone ‘free healthcare,’ who would protect you from harm, who would fight constant wars of aggression, who would lockdown the country when someone got the flu, and who would fill the prisons with those who never harmed another? Who would tax you (steal from you) to supply the things you illegitimately desire that should only be the responsibility of each individual? All aggression is immoral and wrong, so all those sanctioning aggression at the hands of government as proxy, are in essence, committing aggression themselves. This is what is not understood by the collective masses, whose idea of right is doing whatever the majority decides, regardless of the consequences to all who disagree.

There is an old saying, and a correct one I might add, that reads, live and let live, which is now completely ignored by this collective herd of parasites. In today’s world, most have accepted the notion that all should be able to live at the expense, labor, and property of others, in order to suit their wants and needs. This is a case where reality is ignored in favor of the perception that living at the expense of others is legitimate and right due to the asinine assumptions of equity and ‘fairness;’ assumptions that rest on the ideology of communism.

Perception becomes reality in the minds of fools when the majority willingly accepts the premise that they deserve something or anything, due solely to the fact that they exist, the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their laziness, or their greed. This is why most think they deserve freedom, but expect that freedom without any effort on their part to gain or secure it. Most believe that government (rulers) gives (allows) them freedom, and that is why they so blindly expect a piece of paper filled with political language is the foundation of their so-called rights, instead of the fact that their freedom rests only on the natural and inherent right to life of the individual. This society is consumed by perception, because to accept the harsh truth of reality requires thinking, action, and consequences, whereas false perception requires no risk or effort, but only obedience to the god of government.

Reality is not always what we see, but it is what we live. Our lives are real, our families are real, and nature is real. We do not have all the answers of our existence or of the universe or beyond, but that does not change the fact that we have this life on earth. Reality becomes perception when one expects to know all there is to know, and no human has that capability. In fact, we, as individuals, know nothing of all there is to know. The wonder of it all is astounding to be sure, but the reality of this life and all it has to offer, is just as amazing.

Take what is real, and revel in it. Do not allow others to impede on your short time on this earth. Do not allow any other to rule over you, or claim to be your master, regardless if many of your fellow men decide to take that worthless and treacherous path. If each of us accepts his individuality, embraces his unique nature, and lives his life as a free man, what is real will become clearly obvious, and perception will be dreams. Once this state of mind is evident, disobedience will become natural, and disobedience is vital in any effort to secure individual freedom.

Let go of the State, and trust yourself instead.

“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.”

Ansel Adams

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