Our Salamis: It’s Time

Each day brings with it its measure of joy or travail. The noise of life hums along and practicalities absorb the attention of most of us, enough so that the profundity of alterations introduced by the covid operation may not quite be appreciated. Indeed, I cannot myself come to comprehend the depths and breadth of the iniquity visited upon us, though I can perceive the stigmata.

It bores me to have to repeat the litany of abuse to which we have been subjected – the lockdowns, masks, jab mandates and apartheid, the residual divisions between friends and family, the cheerful ‘protective’ State declaring itself to be unassailable and correct and now constantly hectoring – but it is worth repeating if only to remind us of the unparalleled extent of the operation. And it is also worth remarking upon the introduction of novel attempts at control, attempts that reach into bank accounts, once thought to be impregnably safe or, at least, impregnably protected from outright theft.

It seems, in fact, that nothing is protected these days – speech, thought, bodily integrity and medical choice, private property, gender, family, religion – and we astonishingly have come to accept the intrusions against any semblance of human autonomy as … as no surprise.

The assault against identify and freedom has been so massive, so universal and so complete that is really impossible to fathom.  As the death jab continues to visit harm and demise upon millions, an infrastructure is being built to ensure that opinions daring to dissent with the authorities may not only be censored but punished. And most ominous has been the abject compliance of those to whom we have entrusted our care and well-being – and here I am referring to medical professionals sworn to keep their patients’ welfare as their foremost priority who have abdicated their sacred responsibilities. The unthinking masses who have been fed and nurtured on mainstream propaganda for decades, formidably and unquestioningly in lock-step with their media, are a little less morally culpable.

Our enemy – the enemy that shills for ‘the science’ and digital ID passports, and that has indulged in an orgy of censorship whenever it encounters a critical voice – is lawless. Their courts are corrupt and they rule by force, counting upon the unthinking and recruiting the naive as allies and collaborators. Unless and until we recognize that appeals to conscience and justice carry no weight with the Global Mafia Cartel, we are diminishing our ability to resist.

How many times have I heard that the next Tribunal decision will be a ‘watershed’, that the next court case will be a ‘game-changer’, that the next legal appeal will ‘shock the world’, that the next revelation of medical criminality will ‘turn the tables’?  Far too many.

Here in New Zealand doctors who have had the egregious audacity to have attempted to help their patients by prescribing Ivermectin, for example, or who have dared to insist upon informed consent as applied to the covid inoculation, or who have had the temerity to question the government’s apocalyptic covid policies remain under attack, their licenses to practice threatened by the Medical Council of New Zealand, a proxy for the Federation of State Medical Boards, yet another puppet arm of the overarching Cartel.

Recently a colleague and friend was hauled before a Health Professionals Disciplinary Tribunal, during which he proceeded to eviscerate the case against him by providing an exemplary and fact-based retort to their attacks upon him. Generally the Tribunal issues a decision within days; in his case it has been thirteen weeks and counting.  Should we have expected any different, should we expect a just decision from a system that is thoroughly compromised and bent upon an agenda, should we expect good where there has been an agglomeration of evil?

Clutching to fragile tendrils of hope within a decaying and rigged framework serves only to hinder our efforts to insist upon real justice, real science and real accountability, and to guard zealously our already limited freedoms.

Although we are admittedly in an irregular war for which no certain rules can be established, the ever-persisting belief in the System’s ability to correct itself, manifested by those who continue against all evidence to date to play their game by keeping mum or clinging to the illusion of a victory in rigged courts, will only prolong our misery.

In 480 B.C. all of Greece was under attack by Xerxes and his massive army of Persians.  The Greek city-states, fractious and competitive as they were, united in an attempt to stop the invasion. They were vastly outnumbered by land and by sea and there was no way out but surrender. Under the leadership of the Athenian general Themistocles they decided to stake everything on a battle in the waters near Athens, at Salamis, in the Saronic Gulf.  This meant that the great city of Athens itself would be abandoned to Persian forces, who overran and destroyed its temples; it meant that every citizen staked everything on a battle that would decide upon freedom or slavery.

During that fateful September day at Salamis so many centuries ago the Greeks managed to thrash the much larger Persian fleet, to repel Xerxes and to reclaim their territories, marking an epochal event in the history of what we have come to call the West.

The enemy we face today is larger, more encompassing and determined not just to kill bodies but to destroy the very foundations of human identity. They have seemingly limitless power at their command, firm control over communications, and they rely on thoughtless minions to further their ideologically and physically murderous aims.

They will never be defeated by compromise or acquiescence, because this battle is a culminating one. This battle is one that will require of us, of the stubborn minority, the courage to sacrifice our homes and livelihoods and material possessions. Yes, it’s that big, that overwhelming, that final, even if it may be beyond our comprehensive faculties.

It will require that we no longer play ball with the Devil.

This is our Salamis. It’s time.

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