One Normal Thought About the Jan-6 Capitol Break-in

Here’s the average normal thought:

If there were was a plot to do a lot more than doubt the vote tally in the election…

If there was an actual plot and a LAUNCHED OPERATION to overturn the official election result…

Or an actual launched operation to kidnap elected federal legislators…or take over the government…

Instead of the droning Jan-6 hearings and the declaration that all “MAGA PEOPLE” are dangerous extremists and a threat to the nation…

Let’s see the plot and the operation spelled out, in detail. All spelled out in one place, with the evidence attached.

That’s all.

Not the recitation of what some supposed QAnon person said or claimed; not what some goofball powerless plotters might have talked about in a cellar one night; not some high-flying assertions from Democrats or RINOs. Not generalizations from the FBI or DHS or DOJ. Not a recitation of suggestive comments possibly made by Trump people or Trump himself. Not arrests and prosecutions of people “connected to January 6” on charges like criminal trespass.

Explaining in detail and proving what the supposed launched operation was…that’s what any normal accuser would give us.

So let’s have it.

Let’s see it.

Making a case isn’t splattering circumstantial factors all over the landscape. Making a case isn’t blowing smoke from Nome to Miami. Making a case isn’t saying, “With all this testimony we can see the picture emerging.”

Making a case is MAKING A CASE.

Let’s see the specific claims with the specific evidence attached.

That’s all.

That’s normal.

If you haven’t got that, no sane person is interested.

You’ve got propaganda, which is cheap, which you can buy anywhere, which you can produce at the drop of a hat by threatening people and getting them to say what they would never ordinarily say.

So make your case.

Let’s have it.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

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