On Tucker. . .

Everyone knows about Tucker Carlson having been summarily fired – let’s use honest language – from his gig over at Fox News, where he had the most successful show of its kind on network TV.

That a hugely successful show was cancelled – which will cost Fox ratings, viewership and money – speaks volumes about what drives corporate policy in these latter days. It is of a piece with Stellantis – the corporation that owns the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram truck brands – cancelling the hugely successful Hemi V8 that was the chief reason people bought Dodges, Chryslers, Jeeps and Ram trucks. To be replaced by battery-powered devices few people want.

Being political – and politically correct – mattering more in these latter days than being profitable.

Tucker was fired for telling the truth – which isn’t what people on TeeeVeee are paid to do. They are paid to tell you what they are paid to tell you – as by the pharmaceutical cartels that pay for the ads that keep these shows on TeeeeVeeee. Which is their “truth.”

Tucker dared to mention this – along with a litany of other unmentionables, all of them true.

We all know it.

The truth – or even just honest questioning – is no longer allowed. Those who questioned the Face Diapering of the nation, the “lockdowns” (loathsome term, formerly applicable only to convicted prisoners inside a prison) and the “safety” as well as efficacy of the drugs that weren’t vaccines were also cast out, notwithstanding that they were right.

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