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I liked the LRC article “What They Didn’t Want Us Reading” (11/8/2023) from Tom Woods.  No doubt he’s right on why they don’t publicize such information about the queer assassin.  When white people are viciously denigrated, I often remember not just those who were first in rising to the defense of white people against racist attacks, but Ludwig von Mises’s remark that modern civilization is an accomplishment of the white race.  It’s a striking, solid statement because he also said that in the future, even a thousand years from now, it could be some other race that is contributing the most, just like he mentions that other races were the main contributors in the past.  I think he wrote that in 1949 in Human Action.  (There was more freedom to write then, too.)

It’s amazing or, rather, it’s deplorable that such mass killings have not been categorized as “terrorism” since a long time ago.  They are really – arguably – the main terrorism problem.  The Democrats principally blame the weapon.  It’s a societal problem too.  Interesting how the Russians looked at the sexual revolution (reorientation) here and decided that “that’s not going to happen here”, and passed many laws against “queerdom.”  This was a bad word before it became you who is bad if you think it is.  Many laws and/or regulations were passed to defend it, affecting any age, while implying that this is the most advanced generation ever.

Albeit on a bigger scale, I think 9/11 is the same kind of terrorism in the sense it happened in the most advanced, prosperous country, and then similar attacks happened also in European countries, with the same perpetrator announced.  It would not happen in Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, or some other Latino or Asian metropolis like Tokyo.  In the case of 9/11, the attack was against the human mind and/or spirit too.

It can’t be that a plane can enter a building, the second Tower, and explode only when it is totally inside, and has even advanced a little inside, with then its nose seen exiting intact through the wall on the other side, in all television videos (more noticeably in New York television), and that nobody notices this.  That’s a mind attack.  This fact is not a conspiracy theory; I don’t get into such theories and I dislike them.  It’s actually a centerpiece of the 911 attack which all can see on video anytime.  It’s hard to watch, but harder to cover one’s eyes.

Returning to this other terrorism which happens frequently, I say it should be called terrorism instead of just being considered exclusively an issue of mental sickness, besides one of too many powerful weapons available for sale.  It’s also a societal problem that should be recognized and even denounced as such.  Once all “mass murder” is a part of the “war against terror”, what happens next becomes more clear and is expedited: “You can’t cover this on television for hours on end because it’s like promoting it presently; for this reason, you yourself don’t want to mention their names, and these sick people are looking for the publicity that made them do what they did, so the publicity is part of the problem.”  That’ll be the day.

Personally, I don’t watch such terrorism coverage on television.  When it’s the recognized terrorism, I also don’t watch it because, as you noticed above, I looked at it in some detail already, that is, I watched many videos looking for the details.  In a witness testimony about 9/11, the first plane was described as remaining stuck in the North Tower wall, “half in, half out”, stopped by it.  The half way out part remained recognizable (in the account), and so the unseen “half in” part might have stayed intact also.  I read this in a library book and then purchased the book titled “Women At Ground Zero” (313 pages, published in 2002).  This bad story was on page 4, as the first story of this revealing book.  There is no other account that unbelievable in the book.  It’s from Carol Paukner, police officer from the New York City Police Department, Transit Division, District 2, Lower Manhattan:

“…Some woman said, ‘It’s over there!’ and pointed toward the World Trade Center.  We ran up the road, and as I looked up, I saw the first plane half in, half out of the North Tower.  I only saw the back end of the plane, the tail end of it.  The nose was buried in the building.  I thought I was in a dream. There was debris everywhere.  I grabbed my radio and confirmed, ‘A plane has hit the World Trade Center.’”

She is the only witness with this story that the first plane remained stuck in the Northern wall where it hit: half way in, half way out, and this testimony appeared after people could have watched the other “plane” (second plane) emerging on the Northern side after having exploded inside the building (in quotes because no plane can do that), on live television and elsewhere.  Our human experience is rich, truly, and we can get it that you’re expected to not notice these incredible and contradictory facts, or to believe it is possible for those two planes to do that.  The mind and human dignity were and are attacked like that.

Notwithstanding the actual gravity of the 9/11 attack, there is indeed no need to despair or for any pessimism.  There’s a Spanish saying that says ‘you know the fighting cocks in the ring.’  When things are this bad, the fighting cocks are in the ring, definitely.  That’s where we want it to be (ring).  We don’t want it in the shadows or darkness.  The attack was not only against humanity, but against all that is good too.

The Greeks called “God” not that but “the Good”, and also “the One”.  They thought he was too ineffable and sublime to be called by a name.  Such an evil thing as 9/11 involuntarily proclaims the existence of a superior power(s).  We can see in the plane stuck “half in, half out” the past, the present, and the future of the attacker, whom we can recognize as “hate” itself also.  I’d like to share with you further how I conceive this enemy of all that is good since it’s a real problem that assaulted all, and I’m in that ring too:  I conceive it as manifesting itself through three ways (always), which I visualize as three columns above it: one says ‘Lies’, the other says ‘Subterfuge’, and the other says ‘Treason’.  Should we say that he or it – that terrorist(s) – is a rival for us?  I don’t say so because humanity is degraded if such a pure evil is placed at that level.  In the ring, positioning is everything.  It should be confronted differently.  We just have to be normal; we got the easy part.

The reaction to 9/11 was not normal.  It’s not about ignoring the videos and getting straight to conclusions, or about ignoring them and going for some conspiracy theory.  Needless to say, one has to study the videos well, the witnesses, etc., before reaching the conclusions that are attainable.  Given the nature of ‘half way in half way out’ (a good name for it), I think many answers can be learned only on the other side (after death).  Here, let us be normal.

The U.S. government is investigating UFOs but calls them “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) instead.  AP News quoted the “undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security” as saying that “any unauthorized system in our airspace we deem as a threat to safety.”  This year CNN reported that the Pentagon said it’s tracking more than 650 potential UAP cases; the Director of the “Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office” said that, regarding the 650, they have identified “about half of them to be of anomalous interesting value.”  He shared that a flying object had appeared to have a propulsion trail behind it and was deemed to be “truly anomalous.”  After his office analyzed the video frame by frame, it was determined that it was a “shadow image.”  CNN says “lawmakers pressure the Pentagon to solve the unexplained sightings.”

That’s not normal either.  A solid intellectual and spiritual development-training is needed for such endeavors.  Without it, it’s a waste of time.  A “crash course” would be to study Plato’s “The Republic”, which is both spiritual and intellectual.  I think that book should be required reading for all state functionaries.  This article is also about the supernatural but, to be sure, with feet planted only on the earth.

If you watch the video from New York television below from min. 15:28 (or so) to 15:48, you see the nose of the so-called plane emerging intact on the Northern side of the South Tower building (at 15:44/15:45).  It was shown again in 22:12 – 22:22 and it’s worth watching it again then for the reaction of the anchorman which confirms what we also see.

New York 9/11 News Coverage, WNYW FOX5

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