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Notice Of Dispute

We are interested in assisting with dispute resolution on our site to promote a free and fair marketplace.

If you have 1) contacted the vendor directly and given them 3 days to respond to your request,
2) and you have already sent an email to through our contact page and given us a few days to attempt a resolution and we have been unable to resolve your dispute to your satisfaction, then
3) please send us a this official notice in writing. Please print legibly and include any pertinent information with the form. Mail this form via certified mail to : Small Business Barn LLC, Attn: Legal, Notice of Dispute, 120 Madeira Dr NE, STE 220, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

We will escalate the dispute and work to resolve it within 30 days. If we cannot resolve your dispute to your satisfaction within 30 days of receipt of your notice of dispute you may begin arbitration proceedings by following the directions of ARS at

Please send this request by certified mail and keep a copy for your records.

Please briefly describe your dispute :
(attach any supporting documents and use the back or additional paper if required. Please Print clearly.)





Please tell us what relief you would like from Small Business Barn:



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