Nicolle Wallace Wants Gulags

We create the illusion that being informed is a kind of action in itself. So to wash that guilt out—to eliminate the shame and discomfort you feel over doing nothing as the world goes mad—you’ll keep tuning in.” – Matt Taibbi, Hate, Inc.

The other night on MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace reached her breaking point. Something must be done, or we will all live to regret it.

“Something bad is going to happen,” she said. “What will we tell our children and grandchildren when it does”? Then she looked directly into the camera and said, “You good with NOTHING”?

Her face flushed. Her expression, resolute.

What “something” must be done? She didn’t say. Her guests couldn’t come up with a final solution either.

But it’s worth asking Nicolle herself what will finally end her nightmare. Detainment camps for the “cesspool of the MAGA base“? Gulags? How do we dump the dissidents and non-compliant citizens far enough away that they can’t touch the America they once called home?

We already know the Ruling classes are fine with gulags. They shot a January 6th protester point-blank, and that was okay. She had the wrong skin color for it to make the news. She was to be feared, and all the journalists told us so by her social media posts. So why shouldn’t she be shot?

They dumped the January 6th prisoners in solitary, sentenced to decades of prison time because of “spectral evidence,” punishing them on their ideological non-compliance and allegiance to Trump and American Democracy.

And after all of this time, after the American public has mostly complied with the destruction of our norms when it came to “finding something” to charge Trump with, it’s still not a matter of anything Trump did, but always a matter of something Trump said.

In her flushed-faced rage, Nicolle Wallace cited example after example of bad things Trump said on Truth Social, as if they didn’t hang on every word, as if their entire economy isn’t built on the backs of those Tweets, or Truths. Who are you kidding, Nicolle? This is your bread and butter girlfriend. You know it. I know it.

Jack Smith, and his happy warrior Nicolle Wallace decided that their interpretation of what Trump said, “If you come after me, I’m going to come after you,” mattered more than Trump’s own intention. That’s all they’ve been doing for seven years, jumping to conclusions about what Trump said.

What Trump meant, in case anyone wants to know, is that if he’s elected, he’ll spare no one when it comes to weaponizing his own Justice Department. And why shouldn’t he?

Besides, even Nicolle Wallace knows by now that the rhetoric from MSNBC and CNN led to real-world violence against Trump supporters. Chased, kicked, spit on, beaten, egged, and even shot, all because MSNBC has demonized them and convicted them as racists in the court of public opinion.

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