New York Did Better Than Florida, Say the Liars

From the Tom Woods Letter:

They just can’t let Florida go.

They need Florida to have been a disaster, because if it isn’t/wasn’t, then all their destruction was pointless.

So we’ve just had to endure Vincent Rajkumar, editor of Blood Cancer Journal, showing us this graph depicting Florida surpassing New York in Covid deaths:

Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya responded, “How is it that an editor of a medical journal still does not understand the concept of ‘age adjustment’ when comparing states on covid mortality? It’s been 2.5 years. More than enough time for people like him to understand the thousand-fold difference in mortality risk by age.”

A reporter from the Palm Beach Post made a similar claim, to which Kyle Lamb responded with this data, showing Florida better than key lockdown states of California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York:

But look again at that first chart. Adjusting for age is obviously necessary for an apples-to-apples comparison. But suppose age weren’t a factor, and that the graph above was a reliable indicator of how Florida and New York did when compared to each other.

The difference is completely trivial.

Suppose in March 2020 we had asked the crazies, “If Florida more or less defies all the recommendations you’re making, what do you think the results will be?” They would have answered: absolute carnage. They would have predicted that Florida would wind up at least an order of magnitude worse than states with lockdowns and vax passports.

No matter what charts they try to mislead you with or what nit-picking they do, there is no escaping this fact: nothing like what they would have predicted actually occurred.

So now they’re reduced to: look at this tiny difference between Florida and New York — a difference that more than goes away when correcting for age.

That’s pretty sad.

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